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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Popular Website webserver name?

Popular Website webserver name?
Do you ever have a question, on what web server most popular websites are running on?
Well it clicked my mind today and I thought to share it with my Blog readers.

For your knowledge majority of websites are running on Apache web server and IIS web server and remaining are running on other less popular web server technology.

Let's check out which website runs on which web server :- 

What is Google web server name? GWS (Google Web Server)
What is Yahoo web server name? YTS Web server
What is Microsoft web server name? IIS Web server
What is Facebook web server name? It is unknown
What is Twitter web server name? TFE Web server
What is LinkedIn web server name? Apache Web server
What is YouTube web server name? Apache Web server
What is Bing web server name? It is unknown
What is Blogger web server name? Google Servlet Engine (OpenGSE)
What is Hotmail web server name? IIS Web server

In above list you might have noticed some web server name which you have never heard before because this web servers are developed / customized by these companies and less know and less popular.

Click here if you want to find out any other website web server technology details. 

Do you have any popular website name want to add here, pleas do comment.

Author : Pankaj // 11:21

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