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Friday, 17 August 2012

How to save a logo | Website Logo

How to save a logo | Website Logo
I thought of writing this post when I found it little difficult to save website logo for some websites. Actually I was downloading website logo's to put them into my 'Website of the Day' daily Blog post.

Website logos are required for people who make website logos collection or to insert website logo into a Blog post.

Let's see what are the ways you can download a logo from a website, at present there are three ways I can think of saving website logo.

Methods to save Website logo :-

1. Right Click Save Option

- Access the website you want to download logo of, then in top right hand side there you will see a logo with some text, right click it and then save it on your computer hard disk.

2. Page Info Option

- Access the website you want to download logo of, then click 'Tools' menu in your browser, then click 'Page Info' option. 

- This will open a small window, click 'Media' tab (option), now scroll down the Address list until you see the web site logo image.

- Once you find the website logo image, click 'Save As' button to save it.

Note:  These steps are captured from Mozilla Firefox Internet browser and may vary for other browsers.

3. Google Image Search Option

-  Access Google Image search page.

- Now type the query download xyz company logo or xyz logo.
  Examples: Download Facebook Logo, Download Yahoo Logo, Download Google logo etc.

- Now open the logo image, right click it and then save it to your computer.

Please do share your experience, How you use to download website logo previously, we are eager to hear from you.

Author : Pankaj // 12:47

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