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Thursday, 16 August 2012

How to recover Blog

How to recover Blog
You have accidentally lost your blog and need to get it back, let's see what can be done to recover it? and what can be done proactively to prevent this situation in future?. These post is to recover (restore) Blogspot Blogger blogs only, recovery steps for WordPress Blog and other Blog will vary.

Know why your Blog would get deleted?

- Couple of months back I had created one test Blog, it got created successfully but soon it got deleted, I checked it was in deleted Blogs list, but I could not undelete it and also I could never recover it. I think this was caused by some system error and it was for test purpose hence I left it as it is, but I later I saw an warning on deleted blogs page: Your blog has been marked as spam by an automated classification system.

- Accidentally Blog gets deleted when exporting Blog to make backup.

- You have violated Google TOS and it get deleted automatically, I think this is very rare situation this would happen.  

- Somebody hacked your Gmail a/c and purposely deleted your Blog.

What can be done to recover Blog?

- Click here to go to Blogger Home page. 

- Click Deleted Blogs (1) in left pane, now click   Undelete  button next to the Blog you want to restore, in case there are multiple deleted Blogs. Your Blog is restored congratulations!!

How to stop this from happening again?

- Be extra careful the next time you Export Blog (Backup Blog), avoid clicking Delete Blog.

- Do log out from your Blog a/c and do not share your Blog a/c (Gmail a/c) password with anyone.

Preventive measures to stop this situation again?

- Regularly take Blog template backup and full Blog backup, at least once a week if you Blog frequently and take template backup before making any change in template. Doing this will help you restore your Blog in case you are unable to undelete a Blog.

- Sometime your Blog may not get deleted but domain name may be get expired so to avoid this make sure either you regularly check your email for any notification or set auto renewal and be worry free. You can setup an notification reminder on your mobile as well to renew your domain.

Author : Pankaj // 11:14

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