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Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to get email when webpage changes

How to get email when webpage changes
Why to refresh (check) website page everyday to check for latest content\article\image etc. when you can get an email alert as soon as web site page changes. This idea came into my mind when I had to check an university website page everyday to know whether exam result has been published, I thought why can't I get email alert instead checking website everyday and this solution worked like charm. This is really helpful hence thought to share it with all of you.

How does it help?

1. Get exam result when it gets published.
2. Save time in checking website every time for latest changes.
Steps to setup email alert to monitor website webpage changes.
How to get email when webpage changes
How to get email when webpage changes

1. Access Changedetection.com

2. On Monitor Page - Enter Following information, below I have entered information for example only, change it accordingly.
  Page Address :
  Send Alert to : yourname@service.com
  Click  Next 
3. Now in next page, change alert name if required, make other changes as required.

  Click  Create 

4. Once you hit create button, you will see confirmation page. Check your email and click link in it to activate the alert or you can enter 'confirmation code' on this page it self sent to your email box.

5. In final confirmation window, enter password and re-type password (same password), check (tick) mark "I have read and agree...." and hit   Submit  button.

Now any time when this webpage is edited (changed) you will get an email notification (alert).

- Please remember this password, as the next time when you will create another alert you will be asked to enter this password. 

- Confirmation email is sent only one time.

Please see above animation for further guideline, if you still find any difficulty in setting-up alert then don't hesitate to contact us for help. We are here to help you.

Author : Pankaj // 00:36

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