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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to find website webserver?

How to find website webserver?
What web server is a site running?
Let's find out which web server is a site is running on, I was so curious to know what web server most popular websites (Add popular site post link) (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.) usages. This encouraged me to write this post, as I want everyone else to know which website usages which web server technology. knowledge.

Ways to find out what web server is a site running:- 

1) Server Spy Firefox Add-on -

  - In your Mozilla Firefox, click 'Tools' menu, click 'Add-ons' option.
  - In 'Search all add-ons' box in top right hand side, type Server Spy
  - Once you find this add-on, click the 'Install' button next to it, this will download and install the plug-in.
  - Now restart the browser and access any website. You would see a orange color round shape icon next to website address in address bar.
  - Read below to know the letter mentioned under orange color round icon means, you can find web server information by clicking this icon.

    If the icon letter is 'I' then it is IIS Web server.
    If the icon letter is 'A' then it is Apache Web server.
    If the icon letter is 'G' then it is Google Web server.
    If the icon letter is '?' then web server name is unknown. 

Did you like the post? Share what you think about it. Please do you share comment? 

Popular Website webserver name?

Popular Website webserver name?
Do you ever have a question, on what web server most popular websites are running on?
Well it clicked my mind today and I thought to share it with my Blog readers.

For your knowledge majority of websites are running on Apache web server and IIS web server and remaining are running on other less popular web server technology.

Let's check out which website runs on which web server :- 

What is Google web server name? GWS (Google Web Server)
What is Yahoo web server name? YTS Web server
What is Microsoft web server name? IIS Web server
What is Facebook web server name? It is unknown
What is Twitter web server name? TFE Web server
What is LinkedIn web server name? Apache Web server
What is YouTube web server name? Apache Web server
What is Bing web server name? It is unknown
What is Blogger web server name? Google Servlet Engine (OpenGSE)
What is Hotmail web server name? IIS Web server

In above list you might have noticed some web server name which you have never heard before because this web servers are developed / customized by these companies and less know and less popular.

Click here if you want to find out any other website web server technology details. 

Do you have any popular website name want to add here, pleas do comment.

How to check website speed | Increase speed | why?

How to check website speed | Increase speed | why?
Do you have a website and want to check the website performance speed, or want to check other websites speed by speed test then follow below mentioned steps.

When I checked my website (Jesoba.com) speed was .65 seconds (load time).

Steps to check website speed -

- Access IWebTool Speed Test free Online website.
- Enter your website URL and click Check! Button.
- Now see your website speed test result.

Note: 10 requests are allowed every hour.

How to increase website speed?

Click here to read (Website Tips and Tricks) 4 posts on how you can increase your website speed and overall performance so that you can increase website rating.

Check out why web site speed matters?

- Search Ranking: If you want your website to be in first page of Google Search Result then one of the factors is site speed, in how many seconds you website gets loaded. If your site is taking more than standard load time (~30 seconds) then check it out what can be done to increase website speed, it could be removing extra JavaScript or optimizing images.

- Bounce Rate: If the website speed is slow then users will close your website and would not think to open your website again, this would create bad impression. Bounce rate should not be 80%-90%.

- Business Loss: If your website is loading slowly then this would indirectly impact business and could lose money.

Please share your experience on website speed testing, what do you do to increase website speed? Also, let us know if you need any help from us, we are happy to hear from you.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 4

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 4
This is continued part of the first post Website Tips and Tricks | Part 3

We are going to share with you remaining 5 points for the topic: Website Tips and Tricks.

Here are the Website tips and tricks after 17th point:

17. Call back option: If you run a business website or a online store, you must provide a call back option, so that consumers don't have to call, your customer support team will call them back.

18. Chat Option: Make sure you get chat option configured and mention chat availability time, configure the chat option in such a way that if your chat support tech is offline than on website chat status would get changed to red, with sorry for inconvenience message.

19. Product Demonstration: Make sure you have a product demo available on your website, a Video demo is better than just document or presentation file.

20. Achievements: Do mention all your business achievements, awards etc on main page of your website. This will help you gain consumer confidence.

21. Regular Website patching: It is utmost important to have your website up and running all the time (24x7) and for that you must keep updating the security patches/updates on the site or your web hosting provider must do website patching as and when new patch is released.
I would just to provide an option to end user wherein they can subscribe for alert so that as soon as the site become available they will get email notification, this will help your user (consumer) not to refresh your website to check whether it is up.

Please don't go away also check out other part of the post: Website Tips and Tricks

Are we missing something? Or you have suggestions to add up here? We would be glad to hear from you, also let us know if you have any query or need any help, we are happy to help you.

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 3

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 3
This is continued part of the first post Website Tips and Tricks | Part 2

We are going to share with you remaining 10 points for the topic: Website Tips and Tricks.

Here are the Website tips and tricks after 12th point:

12. Earning from Website: If you have a blog website or forum and have configured Ad (Advertisement) on the site then make sure you do not end-up add more than 3 Ad's on your site pages as they will create problems and also will not help you earn more from Ad. Also, many Ads’ on website page would force users to leave your website soon.

13. Website Design: Trust me, the website design matters a lot, a website is like your Internet office (i-Office), opened all the time (24x7), the office should be neat and clean, things should be placed in ordered. The website design should match to your business to make positive impact on your user, e consumers. 

14. Website Navigation: The site should be easier to navigate, it shouldn't be confusing and your user shouldn't get lost. If they get lost then they would think twice to access your website next time. I can give you couple of bad websites examples if you want. They have set negative impact in my mind and I avoid surfing those site.

15. Website Usages report: Setup an reporting software or request web hosting provider for site usages report so that you can see how your website is performing over the time and what can be done to increase the site traffic.

16. Old is Gold: If you don't have a website than prefer buying old exiting website names which are available for sale, it is very much beneficial, but the cost of existing website domain name is higher than new website domain name registration.

Please don't go away also check out other part of the post: Website Tips and Tricks

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 2

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 2
This is continued part of the first post Website Tips and Tricks | Part 1

We are going to share with you remaining 16 points for the topic: Website Tips and Tricks.

Here are the Website tips and tricks after 5th point:

6. Website Load time: The website should load quickly, shouldn't take more than couple of seconds (post link how to check website link). Do you already have a website then click here to check out how much time it takes load.

7. Regular Website Audit: Check for security issues on your website, if you run a website on which you sell product or services then it would be preferred to get your website audited and issues found get fixed.

8. Setup Website Alert: You must ask your website hosting provider to setup an alert when website goes down, site bandwidth usages increases, or if there is any suspicious activity observed.

9. Website monitoring for up time: The Company where you host your web site should be providing you 99.99% up-time and should also provide your an dashboard link where you can check out when the site was down (unavailable).

10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This one is most important to let your website appear on first page of Google Search result (post link) or Bing search result.

11. Website Name: If you don't have website (post link) then click here to get idea on choosing website name, I know it is not easy to choose website name, those who already have a registered website, check (post a link) whether your website name is good, easier to remember etc.

Please don't go away also check out other part of the post: Website Tips and Tricks

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 1

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 1
Do you own a website or planning to setup a website for yours or someone? 
I have reviewed thousands of websites over the years on Internet and some of the website does not leave a good user experience.

We will share with you all the Website Tips and Tricks you must follow for your website to become popular, to be first on Google,  to be search engine friendly, and get high Internet traffic etc.

21 Website Tips and Tricks for successful Website Hosting 

We have ordered the tips and tricks in an order wherein the most commonly used website tips and tricks are kept at the bottom and new tips and tricks are kept on top range.

1. Regular updates: Sometime companies do change office address or setup another branch office or retail outlet, these changes should get updated on your website as soon as possible, also update site immediately if contact number changes or new product version gets released.

2. Maintenance Notification: Are you going to perform any maintenance on your web server, or your web hosting company is doing any maintenance which would lead to downtime, ask your web hosting provider to alert you in advance so that you put up a 'Notification Message' on your website, this will help your user/consumer know that their is scheduled maintenance planned.

3. Alternate Page: Suppose your website gets down due to some unknown reasons, then make sure you set up a redirection page which will let your readers know that their is some issue with the site and site will be back online soon, here the important thing is to mention time line of recovery, approximately when your website will be up and running.

4. Social Media Integration: Create Pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube so that you can reach more people and from time to time you can share latest products details, offers etc.

5. Website Optimization: Make sure your website run at optimum level, asks your web administrator to optimize the site.

Please don't go away, also check out other part of the post: Part2, Part3, Part 4.

Friday, 17 August 2012

How to save a logo | Website Logo

How to save a logo | Website Logo
I thought of writing this post when I found it little difficult to save website logo for some websites. Actually I was downloading website logo's to put them into my 'Website of the Day' daily Blog post.

Website logos are required for people who make website logos collection or to insert website logo into a Blog post.

Let's see what are the ways you can download a logo from a website, at present there are three ways I can think of saving website logo.

Methods to save Website logo :-

1. Right Click Save Option

- Access the website you want to download logo of, then in top right hand side there you will see a logo with some text, right click it and then save it on your computer hard disk.

2. Page Info Option

- Access the website you want to download logo of, then click 'Tools' menu in your browser, then click 'Page Info' option. 

- This will open a small window, click 'Media' tab (option), now scroll down the Address list until you see the web site logo image.

- Once you find the website logo image, click 'Save As' button to save it.

Note:  These steps are captured from Mozilla Firefox Internet browser and may vary for other browsers.

3. Google Image Search Option

-  Access Google Image search page.

- Now type the query download xyz company logo or xyz logo.
  Examples: Download Facebook Logo, Download Yahoo Logo, Download Google logo etc.

- Now open the logo image, right click it and then save it to your computer.

Please do share your experience, How you use to download website logo previously, we are eager to hear from you.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

How to Post a Blog

How to Post a Blog
Are you new to Blogging? and want to know how to post a Blog in Blogspot Blogger or in WordPress or any other Blog, than you are at the right place. 

Although anybody can start writing a post blog but it is good if you follow specific instructions for Blogging. I have written couple of post on how to write a Blog Post, following my post on Blogging How To's so you can become expert in writing Blog post.

Check out following Post - Blog Post writing Guide

Things a Good Blog Post should always include 

Thing you must check before Publishing a Blog Post 

Check Out - Example Post
How to recover Blog

How to recharge Mobile from Mobile? 

Why to Create Website? 

I am sure my blog post writing guide and example post will help you write your first Blog post and more post ahead. Even you can consider this post as an example post for Blogging.

How to recover Blog

How to recover Blog
You have accidentally lost your blog and need to get it back, let's see what can be done to recover it? and what can be done proactively to prevent this situation in future?. These post is to recover (restore) Blogspot Blogger blogs only, recovery steps for WordPress Blog and other Blog will vary.

Know why your Blog would get deleted?

- Couple of months back I had created one test Blog, it got created successfully but soon it got deleted, I checked it was in deleted Blogs list, but I could not undelete it and also I could never recover it. I think this was caused by some system error and it was for test purpose hence I left it as it is, but I later I saw an warning on deleted blogs page: Your blog has been marked as spam by an automated classification system.

- Accidentally Blog gets deleted when exporting Blog to make backup.

- You have violated Google TOS and it get deleted automatically, I think this is very rare situation this would happen.  

- Somebody hacked your Gmail a/c and purposely deleted your Blog.

What can be done to recover Blog?

- Click here to go to Blogger Home page. 

- Click Deleted Blogs (1) in left pane, now click   Undelete  button next to the Blog you want to restore, in case there are multiple deleted Blogs. Your Blog is restored congratulations!!

How to stop this from happening again?

- Be extra careful the next time you Export Blog (Backup Blog), avoid clicking Delete Blog.

- Do log out from your Blog a/c and do not share your Blog a/c (Gmail a/c) password with anyone.

Preventive measures to stop this situation again?

- Regularly take Blog template backup and full Blog backup, at least once a week if you Blog frequently and take template backup before making any change in template. Doing this will help you restore your Blog in case you are unable to undelete a Blog.

- Sometime your Blog may not get deleted but domain name may be get expired so to avoid this make sure either you regularly check your email for any notification or set auto renewal and be worry free. You can setup an notification reminder on your mobile as well to renew your domain.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to access internet from mobile to PC

How to access internet from mobile to pc
Many of us want to use Mobile Internet (GPRS) connection on computer so that we don't have to buy internet lease modem or cable service. 

I have both cable internet and mobile internet service; I use mobile internet service as a backup internet service as sometime my main cable internet goes down. 

How to access mobile internet from pc computer laptop
Mobile internet service is very cheap, 2$ a month for 1GB download limit in India. I have been search for this query many a time over internet but I could not found any relevant article hence I thought of writing one.

What is required?

- A Mobile Phone
- Active GPRS connection
- A Computer (Desktop / Laptop)
- Bluetooth or Mobile Cable 
- Nokia PC Suite

Steps to be followed?

- Install Nokia PC Suite
- Now make sure your phone is connected to the computer via Bluetooth or Cable.
- Now right click Nokia PC suite icon on your start-up list.
- Choose "Connect to Internet" option. 
- This will open up Nokia One Touch Access application menu window.
- Click Connect option.

If you have any difficulty or any query regarding this, please feel free to ask for any help, we are here to help you.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How to remove programs not in add remove programs

How to remove programs not in add remove programs

This is most common issue I have encountered being computer engineer, non-technical user commonly go to add/remove programs to uninstall program (software).

Sometime computer software does not get uninstalled properly or software is are not listed (missing) in the add/remove program.

In this situation I use the most common Microsoft Windows software utility called: Microsoft Windows Installer Clean Up (cleanup) Utility.
How to remove programs not in add remove programs

Click here to download Windows installer cleanup utility.

Once download is complete, click the setup file to install it by clicking next, next wizard.

Now go to all programs, Click Windows Install Clean up. 

This will open up a pop-up displaying all the programs installed on your computer.

Please see the screenshot for reference, now click the software which you want to uninstall and click  Remove  button.

Doing this will uninstall program completely from program files and registry, now reboot the computer for changes to take effect.

You may want to check out: Best Online Utility

Note: Please be careful before editing registry, take a registry backup for making changes in registry.

Computer Tips for Everyone

Computer Tips for Everyone
We have written several tips and tricks post on various topics such as Computer, Internet, Blogging, Google, YouTube, and Facebook. I thought why not club them all together under one roof so that my readers don't have to search them here and there.

Please see below complete Tips and Tricks Post (articles) list with hyper link.

Tips to be first on Google search result page

Tips to choose best Data Card

Firefox Tips and Tricks

Tips to increase blog traffic from Twitter

Tips to make best use of Adobe Reader

Tips to publish Blog Post

Best Computer Tips and Tricks

Tips to increase your computer speed

Tips to save money in India 

Click here for more Tips, click here for Tips and Tricks.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Fix it patch

Microsoft releases fix it patches so that end user does not have to manually follow steps to fix any issue.

Microsoft fix it patch can automatically repair and fix most common computer issues.

Click here to download Microsoft Fix it patches.

In this link you can find solution to most common solution to your windows software, below are the software list for which this fix it patch is available.
Fix it patch

1. Windows Operating System
2. Internet Explorer Browser
3. Microsoft Office Programs. 

And any other programs (software's).

I love using fix it patch provided by Microsoft, as this is one click fix, this helps non-technical user fix their computer without any further help. 

I would call this self help fix.

Any Fix It Patch does provide manual steps to fix any computer software issue.

Note: Before you follow download and install any fix it software, please read the manual steps to solve the problem so that you know what does fix it patch does in the background.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Common Computer Software List

Common Computer Software
Common Computer Software List: I am writing this post as many of my friends used to call me and ask me please provide me complete common software list which I will need to install on my new computer or after formatting a computer, I had to send them CD or either pen drive, I thought why not create a common computer software list with download link so that it become easier for anybody to have download links all at one place, Now computers user would not require to prepare complete list of installed software, they would just require software which are additional/extra used by them. These are computer software everyone must have, list of computer software you will require after formatting machine.

Please see below computer software list table.

Software Name
Download Links
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Sync Toy
Avast Antivirus
Free Antivirus
Mozilla Firefox
Chrome (Full setup)
VLC Media Player
Media Player
QuickTime Player
Media Player
Microsoft SilverLight
Adobe Flash Player
Note Taking
Google Talk
Nokia PC Suite
.NET Framework

Important Note:
             I would recommend everyone to keep Motherboard CD, Operating System CD, and MS Office CD in safe place as downloading these files over internet takes time and of course you can’t download them if your PC is infected or down.

-        This common computer software list is for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) Operating System.

If you thing any common computer software is missing here in the list, do let me know by sending your comments.

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