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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Latest YouTube Market Share 2012

YouTube Market share 2012
Latest YouTube Market Share - July 2012

Today, I am sharing YouTube's marketshare in Social Media Networking area as of 14 July, 2012, Maximum network traffic internet is related with social networking sites be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and what not.

YouTube Market Share is 20.24% as of 14 July, 2012.

The number 1 top social networking website is Facebook, this is my favorite social networking website after YouTube, I have been using both social websites for years and these site entertained me a lot and helped me connected to my friends. On number 2 we have YouTube.

After web search engine (Google, Bing) people visit Facebook, and after Facebook, YouTube. 
Please see below 'Top 5 websites visited after search engines' chart.

I China, Youku.com is popular and top Social Networking Video website.  

Bonus ArticleTop Websites for year 2012

Please see below top social networking website detailed list and at the bottom top travel website 

Total Visits
Visits Share   

Have a look at below chart for remaining Social Networking site (Yahoo! Answers, Google+, LinkedIn, Tagged, MySpace, Windows Live Home).
YouTube market share july 2012
Top 10 Social Media Networking sites are as follow as of July, 2012.

1. Facebook
2. YouTube

3. Twitter

4. Pinterest

5. Yahoo! Answers

Which site people access after Google search
Top 5 websites visited after search engines
6. Google+

7. LinkedIn

8. Tagged

9. MySpace

10. Windows Live Home

Which site people access after Google Search?

After Google Search People Access Facebook, then YouTube, then Gmail, and at last Wikipedia and Yahoo! Mail. YouTube is 2nd number Google Search.

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Author : Pankaj // 15:21

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