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Friday, 20 July 2012

How to be first on Google search

How to be first on Google search
How to be first on Google search

Every Website owner, Blogger want to come up first on Google Search first page, it takes a huge effort, experience, and patients to have your blog, website pages appear on top of the Google Search results very first page. 

You might have gone through various blogs  This is the right and correct method to be on top of Google Search result.

If you want your Blog or Website pages to appear on first page of Google Search result or Google Image result, trust me you will have to work very hard as Internet has been growing rapidly and their is huge competition. You have to perform outstanding to rip off the result.

Tips and Tricks on how to be first on Google search:

1: Website - If you are serially thinking of earning money from blogging or planning to grow your business then you must purchase a domain name, it hardly cost 10$ a year. Free service domain names (Blogspot, WordPress) are lengthier and difficult to remember. If you don't have a domain name already than think of old domain name which you think is the perfect domain name for your site content and easy to remember, Also go for 3 or 5 year domain subscription initially. Best domain registrar company.

2: Content Quality - How good is your content, for a blog or website content is like a product, Google will display product (content) which are really helpful and well written. Do not write for the sake of making money, think of users interest and right about what know very well.

3: Unique Content - Most of the Blogger would think unique means content which is not copied but it is not true. Whatever content you add to your blog or site shouldn't be stale or already available over internet, as this will cause data duplication over internet. If on a particular subject content is only available and well written then you shouldn't think of writing about similar thing. 

4: Post Title - Once you decide the post title, search with that title in Google first to see if somebody has already written something about it, if somebody has written similar article or post than your article won't get weighted and your article won't be able to come up on first page as some people has already done some hard work.

5: Website Design - Google Search Crawlers robots should be able to search your website content. Any text written on image file won't be readable by Google Search robots, to make the text readable to Google add 'alt text' to all your images. This you can do by after adding image in blog post, select the image and click 'properties' now image properties pop-up box would appear. in Alt Text box enter posts title as it is, no hyphen, plus, minus sign is required to be added.

6: No Copied content - If you are thinking that overnight you would copy various articles from different popular websites and then your site or blog would come up first in Google Search than your in wrong impression. A Website or Blog is like a wine, old is gold. First if you do this your site will get blocked / ignored by Google Search crawler, second your Google Adsense a/c will either not get approved or if already running then it will get banned or disabled.

7: Regularly Add new Content - If you want to increase the changes of your pages getting appeared on first page than keep publishing new and unique article everyday, if you can't than at least 2 or 3 times a Day.

8: Social Networking - Add your post title and link in Facebook an Twitter a/c so that your friends can have a look at it, this will increase back links for your site.

9: No Keyword Trafficking - If you think adding multiple keywords will help, but it is not true. Put keyword wherever required.

10: Create Sitemap - Sitemap is must, this will make it easier for Google to search your website / Blog. Follow Article: Create sitemap for blogspot blogger in Google  to create sitemap.

Wait, the battle is not over yet, once your page appear on first page, it is also important that it gets clicked, people would click only meaningful and genuinely written article. 

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Author : Pankaj // 17:20

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