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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to Apologize

how to apologize
How to apologize and say sorry 

We heart our loved one and sometime we don't tend to say sorry verbally in such case a written apologize really helps. 

Most of the time people heart others by saying bad words, if you are in the same boat then don't worry, just write a letter to that person (Friends, Wife, Husband, Parents) or if possible you may want to leave a voice message instead, as this make better sense, I would prefer doing both sending an apology letter and a voice message.

Following is simple apology letter which you can edit wherever require and send it.

Dear <------>,

I am very sorry Crying face for how I spoke to you the other day. What I said was insensitive and hurtful. I was angry but still I have no right to take it out on you. You don’t deserve that kind of behavior from him.

You have every right to be hurt and upset with ME, I would be if I were in your place. I promise I am working on controlling my outbursts when I get angry. We’ve been friends or in relationship for so long........., I can’t imagine going through life without you to share its ups and downs.

I know you probably don’t trust me right now, but I will work very hard to regain that trust. Even though it may take a while before you do.

I miss all the conversations we had.

Please forgive me?

Your <----->
Your name.
Note:  If you got to know that you have heart someone than don't delay to apologize, sooner the better.

I had written this letter to my crush in the year 2010.
This is the best apologize letter I can think of, if you have similar experience writing an apologize letter, please do comment, we love to hear from you. Thank.

Author : Pankaj // 13:18

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