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Monday, 30 July 2012

How do i find people Anywhere in the world at one place

How do i find people - Anywhere in the world at one place
How Do I Find People - Anywhere In The World At One Place.

Some of us might have come to websites which promise to find people you are searching for but they don't return expected result. 

Are you finding it difficult to find people over internet, well I also had similar problem and later found best solution to find people by applying various filters on an online people search database website.  I have searched for various people from India and USA and I found them, it is so easier now find people (friend, relatives, office colleague) over internet.

The website name is Peek You. Click here to access Peek You and search, find people on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Flicker, Amazon, Wikipedia, in news, in documents, images etc all at one place.

Read: Site of the Day - Peek You to know about worlds best people search online utility.

With this internet utility you can find people by interest, find people by school, find people by work.

Steps to find people on internet

1. Access Peek You, enter first name, last name, and select country code and hit PEEK button. 

 Note: For India select 'IND' instead just 'IN'.

2. Once you see the result, you can apply other filters like city, state, sex, age etc to refine your people search and find people exactly you are looking for.

3. Scroll down to see people in various section like Facebook, Twitter, in news, in documents etc.

4. If you find so many people and don't see someone what you are looking for then click the search result link to get close idea.
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Author : Pankaj // 16:50

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