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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Help me remember my password

Help me remember my password
Help me remember my password

This Article you help you remember your passwords.
Remembering password might be difficult thing for many of you but, I remember 25+ passwords, I know many of you won't believe that someone remember these many passwords?, Yes this is true but only when your password is made of secret formula which makes your password easy to remember and at the same time difficult to guess.

Secret formula for easy to remember and difficult to guess password.

1. Favorite Songs Lyrics: Initial 1 or 2 lines.
2. Favorite Name / Favorite Book / Favorite Color / Favorite Actor / Favorite Movie
3. Bank ATM PIN / First 2 digit of your or your wife's\parent's mobile phone number.
4. Brackets ()


Let's say your:
- Favorite song lyrics goes as "Whenever whenever Sakira", take first letter of the first word in upper case and subsequent 2 words last letter.
- Favorite Name / Favorite Book / Favorite Color / Favorite Actor / Favorite Movie's First letter of each word, I choose book, My Favorite book is you can win
- First 2 digit of your Bank ATM PIN or First 2 digit of mobile phone.
- Put 2 digits into () brackets.

So, if first two digit are 45 then it goes as (45)

Your password will be: Wraycw(45)

How your password is built:
Favorite Song        = Wra    (Whenever whenever Sakira)
Favorite Name.....   = ycw    (You can win)
Bank ATM PIN with () = (45)

Since I am Computer Engineer it is my responsibility to guide my office staff to have safe and secure computing experience, many people and my colleagues asked me how do you remember several password and don't forget any password, I have shared this idea with them and I am sharing the idea over Internet now so that everybody around the globe can read it and make use of it.

I am sure this tip will definitely help you remember your password as it is helping me remember my password and several other people.

Bonus Tip:
If you still have difficulty and don't want to remember password yourself then you can download and start using free password store program called Roboform, click here to download Roboform. This is best and free password manager software program.

This is best password store program ever available in the world, with this you don't have to type the password at all, just open the site. Make sure you do not forget the master password, else you will loose all the password saved in it. This is good article for people who are searching this article with queries like how to save passwords or program to remember passwords etc.

Note: You can alter/change the ingredients item number 2 and 3.

Please feel free to write comment if you have any difficulty in setting-up\remembering the password or have any feedback.

Author : Pankaj // 05:41

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