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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Help me choose best USB Data Card?

Best USB data card comparison guide in India
Help me choose best USB data card
Help me choose best USB Data Card?
This is complete guide for buying best data cards in India. In technology edge, data card is must to have specially if you travel frequently, but which one is the best and cost effective you must know first. We will help you choosing best data card available in India.

We will provide you all the required details (Pros, Cons, Speed, Cost, Support, best deals, discounts, offers etc.) to help you decide and buy best data card, data card is also called or known as Internet dongle.

If you have questions like which internet data card is the best anywhere in India? then read below comparison to get the answer and make decision.

I have used Reliance data card for more than a year and it worked great, but I have seen Tata Data cards are far better as they work even when you in under ground floors.

I would prefer you to buy data card of Tata, MTS, and Reliance companies instead any other companies as either they are new, or have poor connectivity or poor support. If you are very much sure then only think of buying other companies data card.

I am sharing brief details for major data cards products and services available in India.

1. Tata Photon Plus Data Card

     Rating: 4.5 Star (****)
    Pros: Great Connectivity, High Speed
    Cons: Poor support sometime
    User Review: Tata Photon is best as both Internet speed and customer support service is good.
    Expert Review: Tata is superb be it Mobile service, Dish TV or Data card all is great.

2. MTS Mblaze data card
      Rating: 3.5 Star (***)
      Pros: Cheap Cost, Great Support, Good Connectivity
      Cons: Poor support sometime
      User Review: I am Gujarati and using Mblaze for almost 8-9 months, I choose MTS Mblaze as it is cheap and connectivity is good, I travel frequently and I see no issues so far.
      Expert Review: Its good choice for money and quality. They have good cheap plans and connectivity is also good.

3. Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ Card

     Rating: 4 Star (****)
     Pros: Great connectivity, good speed, good connectivity
     Cons: Poor support sometime
     User Review: Download speed is good but upload speed is slow, but its OK.
     Expert Review: I have personally used this reliance data card for 1+ year and faced internet not working issue for 2-3 times which got fixed in 24 to 48 Hrs, only 3 complaints\issues in a year.

Since now you have these details the only thing remain is the Internet plan and its cost, please visit below link to buy the data card or at least check following information which will give you clear idea which data card you should buy.

| Special Offers | User Reviews | Cost | Discount |


I am sure After providing all these details you will be in good position to choose the best available Internet data card in the market. Through ConnectIndia.In you can book your data card online.

Bonus Tips:

1. Keep monitoring your Internet usages if you have limited download speed plan.

2. Pay on time if you have Post-paid plan to avoid any fine. If you miss the bill payment date then their is fine of rupees 50/-.

3. Don't think negative and get confused by reading some negative reviews, no company is perfect, above mentioned information is more than enough on to choose best data card.

4. Before you make final decision to purchase the data card, make sure that at least in your area, the mobile service provider has good connectivity otherwise it will be of no use, this is important point to check specially if you do not live in metro cities.

5. If you are business-man and Internet is must for your work, than prefer activating GPRS on mobile (Cost only 99 Rs/monthly with 1GB bandwidth) and connect to internet through mobile phone on your computer or laptop in case your data card has issue or their is connectivity problem. Mobile internet speed will be less compared to data card but at least Internet will be up and running.

Important Note:

People who are non technical makes huge mistake when selecting data card plans, please don't hesitate to take our help, we will respond to your query within 1 or 2 hours. You can either write your plan in comments with query or fill-up this help form online.

These reviews are based on my personal experience and being in IT, I have used Tata, Reliance, Airtel Internet data card (s) in Mumbai and shared my experience.

We will write a post on choosing best data card plans, keep visiting for more updates. You may want to bookmark this page.

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Author : Unknown // 14:39


  1. hello sir, what is the average speed of above given all three data cards.. And which one of them has best coverage in alwar and jaipur cities of rajastan..

  2. The average speed would be 256kbps, if you go for 3G data card then speed would be 3 to 8mbps, but the actual speed would always vary depending on network signal strength.
    I am not sure which data card has best coverage in Alwar, but to help you decide best coverage data card, check which mobile company has good network in your area, if Reliance has good network signal then go for it, if Tata has good signal then buy Tata data card, hope this helps, let me know if you have any further query.


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