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Monday, 16 July 2012

Girls Married Life

Girls Married Life
Every girl has to go through various stages in life, be it getting periods, getting married, becoming mother, reaching menopause. 

All girls must know in details about these stages and follow some tips to live healthy and balanced life. 

I observed that maintaining weight is tough task for most of the woman's after marriage due to lack of time, if girls don't maintain weight then they loose all the charm and it will have negative effect on their health

Read below girls life's milestones to maintain weight at various stages.


  •   You start period
  •   You gain 2-3 kg
  •   Weight loss tips: -   
1.        Avoid fried food
2.        Go easy on the French fries, I would suggest to avoid them.
3.        Keep group activities active & outdoorsy.
4.        Join your institute‘s cricket, football or tennis team


  • You get married
  • You gain 2-3 Kg
  • Weight Loss tips: - 
1.        Politely refuse excessively rich food at ceremonies
2.        Membership of a gym
3.        Don’t store calorie rich food in the fridge, esp. if u watch TV or indulge in midnight snacking.


  • You become a mother
  • You gain 8-12 kg
  • Weight loss tips: - 
1.        Breast feed
2.        Go high protein diet
3.        Get at least 7 hours of sleep
4.        Exercise smart; take your kid to a park for daily walks.


  • You enter menopause
  • You gain 1kg every year
  • Weight loss tips: - 
1.        Strength train thrice a week to avoid muscle loss.
2.        Avoid packaged food
3.        Instead of Xbox 360, head to a nearby park, do some yoga.

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