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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Free Online Live radio streaming services

Free Online Live radio streaming services.

Listen to thousands of best online music radio (FM) channels from around the world in various categories, that too all free, no sign-up is required. Click here to access free live online radio services. This music radio service has 54,000+ online internet radio stations.

(FM) Radio genres available on this service are: Jaaz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Bhajan, Hindi music, Inspirational, Rap and much more from all countries (India, U.S.A etc.).

It takes few seconds to start the service, the good thing is their is no advertisement between songs, so far what I have observed. This site require minimal internet bandwidth and run continuously, streaming is very fast. The best thing is you can now radio from mobile phone without having earphone plugged in.

How to play the free best online music radio station service.

1. Access any radio genres (Jaaz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Bhajan, Hindi music, Inspirational, Rap).
2. Click the radio channel you would like to play.
3. This would either prompt you to save one (*.pls) else a small pop would open in website it self.
4. You can pause the online radio station whenever required. 

Explore all free online internet music radio station and enjoy your day, no need to create playlist everyday. I am sure you would love this service and share this post with everyone you know.

Note: Use Search option, if you kind your favorite radio FM channel online on this service.
free online internet radio service

Author : Pankaj // 19:24

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