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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Famous Muslim Names and Their Meaning

Famous Muslim Names and Their Meaning
Famous Muslim Indian (Actor, Actress) Names and Their Meaning.

I am sharing famous Indian actors, actresses name. Muslims (Islamic) names are very meaningful.

Males -
Salman    Healthy, safe, wholesome
Saif      Sword
Sajid     One who worship god
Salim     Secure, Free
Shahrukh  Concerning, monarchy
Aamir     Civilized
Arshad    Better guided,Honest
Feroz     Shining
Amjad     More glorious
Aatif     Kind affectionate  

Female -
Saira     Happy
Nargis    Narcissus(a flower)
Wahidah   Exclusive, Unique

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Author : Pankaj // 18:34

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