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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sometime copy paste not working in LogMeIn

LogMeIn clipboard copy paste issue not working
Sometime copy paste not working in LogMeIn

Many a times you might have observed that copy paste stopped working suddenly, I too have come across this situation several times and it is frustrating as I have to either manually type the event id details or take screenshot of it.

If you are also facing similar issue then here the solution for this, the solution is easy and quick. Based on my experience I have found two workarounds to this issue.


1: Re-Initialized Clipboard Method: In your LogMeIn Live session, click the clipboard icon twice (The one with check mark) next to 3 Box (Ctrl - Alt - Del). You need to click twice to disable and re-enable the clipboard, doing this will clear the clipboard cache.

2: Right Click Copy Method: Instead selecting the text and copying it with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Keyboard shortcuts, right click and select Copy and then right click and select paste on your local machine notepad, world doc etc.

Whenever I came across this issue, most of the time one thought came to my mind: What if copy/paste never existed?

I am sure these troubleshooting steps will help someone fix copy/paste issue.

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Author : Pankaj // 14:17


  1. Thanks for the tips, though they have not worked for me when I find that the copy/paste stops working in LogMeIn. Instead, I find that I have to click the "remote control" button in the LogMeIn control panel to effectively re-initialize the remote connection. That always solves it. Hope that may help someone else who finds this (though I really would prefer a simpler/still faster way.)


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