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Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Google Adsense Experience

My Google Adsense Experience
My Google Adsense Real Experience

I am sharing my blogging experience so that those who are new will get a clear idea and big picture behind blogging.

Before Adsense, first I came to know about Blogging while working with Reliance group of company in India, their was a process expert who shared this idea about blogging and making money.

After a year (In 2009) I started Blogging, I had spent around 6 Hrs per day and built one beautiful blog, since this was the initial state I didn't new much about SEO, Blogging tips and tricks.

Also, I wasn't sure whether Bloggers really make money. I had worked very hard for 2 weeks that I went ill and had to go to home town to recover my health and in this I had lost 7 Days. I forgot that health comes first than wealth.

When I was back to work I stopped blogging completely because I had blogging fever.

Till 2011 from my first Blog had earned around 8$, this isn't enough money, but at least I earned something over internet.

Note: Avoid the mistake I had made, do not work so hard to make money quickly, it takes time, knowledge, and experience. 

After 2009, in 2012, after 3 years, one another process expert encouraged me for Blogging. 

This time I went through multiple blogs, websites to learn the Blogging game and I started blogging again, this time I had earned decent dollars in 2 months time, but soon my Adsense a/c was blocked. I had sent email to Google Adsense team, but no response.

After further research I got to know that this happens if someone knowingly tries to click on Ads published on your blog, to avoid this situation one must monitor the click through ratio with the help of Google webmaster tool. The click through ratio shouldn't be more than 20%-30%.

You must read Blogging Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

I have started blogging again with all the faith and confidence, let's see how it goes.

Author : Pankaj // 09:50


  1. Hey... you wrote that your adsense account was blocked then what happened? Did you got your adsense account back???

  2. No, I had complaint to Google but my a/c was still locked and didn't got any reply from Google Adsense team.

    After this I went through Google Adsense Academy which tell us what would cause a/c getting banned.

    Actually, we need to keep monitoring our adsense activity and report to Google Adsense team if we find anything suspicious before our a/c get blocked. I think my a/c was blocked As I didn't wrote original content, I had just copied the content from different websites and google does not like it.

    Hope this answers your query.

  3. but why ad from google still show in your account? how you restart your ac


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