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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Journey from Simple Cough Cold to Kidney Failure

Journey from Simple Cough Cold to Kidney Failure
I started thinking of writing this article when my office colleague told me about his friends while discussing Staymev Jayte TV episode on health topic. 

The story which happened two months back, his friend had cough and cold and he went to MGM Hospital, Thane, their Dr. gave him wrong medicine which caused him serious problem, his kidney performance was deteriorated and later his right legs was getting sawllon (sujan), the situation worsened day by day and later we has told that his kidney needs to be transplanted, he immediately changed the hospital as he found that this hospital Doctor's are only behind making and nothing else.

He went to other good hospital named Vedanta, Bangalore and their he was told that all his previous treatment was totally incorrect and which caused kidney failure and he now really need to transplant it.

This incident caused him spent 15 Lakhs and now their will be expenses of 5 lakhs more for further healing and medicine etc.

Please be extra careful when it comes health, operation, Doctor, Hospital. Before consulting any Doctor double check with your friends, relatives, colleague, parents.

Do not go to any local, unknown Doctor and don't fear of anything.

Author : Pankaj // 00:50

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