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Friday, 8 June 2012

How to troubleshoot graphics card issues

How to troubleshoot graphics card issues
PC Display (Graphics) card issue: You observe following display issues.

  I:  You see a blank display screen.
  II: Display is very hazy.
  III: Time to time you get Blue Screen messages.

All these issue indicates problems with the display card and problem could be following

   > Incorrect connection: if you have two display cards then make sure you have connected to the correct display card, also check monitor is getting power supply.

   > Display card driver issue, update the driver.  

   > Display card is not connected properly to the motherboard

   > Video card is getting heated: Make sure your CPU fans are running and working as expected.

   > Run Memory check utility: If video card manufacture provide memory testing tool, then download the tool and test video card memory.

   > Video card memory issue
If updating driver, re-connecting card, fixing fan issue and running memory check does not help then prefer taking some computer technician's help.

Author : Pankaj // 22:05

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