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Friday, 8 June 2012

How to recover deleted files from recycle bin

How to recover deleted files from recycle bin

Sometime people do make mistake like Shift+Delete any file or folder accidentally, later they realize that they need the file or folder back as they contain some important data.

Recycle Bin is just another directory and file is not really deleted, but when we delete files from recycle bin they go to next level of hidden recycle bin, kind of.

Basically Operating System marks deleted file as deleted and empty the header information of delete files and folders. Thier is time limit till which files, folder are kept for recovery, if this time limit is over you won't be able to recover deleted files ever as they are gone from hard disk. I guess this time limit is 30 Days.

Note: If anyone has used any third party utility to wipe out any directory or file, than also files wont be recoverable, as this software clears all deletion time limit, file header etc.

To restore a deleted item from the Recycle Bin, you need to double-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop or browse to it through Windows Explorer, right click the file / folder you want and click Restore.

If files are not present their [ ] is a free utility and which help recover deleted documents, movies, pictures (Images). This tool is not spyware or malware, it is safe and tested file recovery tool, I have been using this tool since last 2+ years and it works great!!

The next time your friend says files deleted once cant be recovered, you can offer him\her this solution.

Know in which situations files does not go to Recycle Bin:

1: When you shift+Delete

2: When you have ticket mark "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" in Recycle Bin.

3: When files are over the network through network share

4: When files are deleted from removable drive (USB drive, Pen Drive)

5: When you delete files from command prompt

If you find any difficulty recovery deleted file, either fill-up help me form or comment on this post, we are always here to help you.

Author : Pankaj // 21:14

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