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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How to make task tray items always available

How to make task tray items always available
How to make task tray items always available and shouldn't get hide automatically.

We need task tray icons to take immediate actions, sending an message from gtalk\Skype, changing volume, writing notes, see antivirus update etc.

If you have so many icons in task tray you might want some of the task tray icon to never show unless you click expand button and some you would always to want to see.

Here are the steps to make task-bar icons either always available (no hide) or always available (hide).

- Right Click on task-bar and click properties, (add a image)

- Now if you want system to automatically hide task-bar then 'uptick' Hide inactive icons, this really doesn't work the way it should.

- Click 'Customize' button if you set manual actions.

- Now next to each item, select it's behavior (Always Show or Always Inactive)

- Click OK, Apply, and OK.
How to make task tray items always available


- These steps are recorded from Windows XP SP3 Machine.

- Doing this will make your desktop more organized

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