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Friday, 8 June 2012

How to keep Windows computer Virus Free

How to keep Windows computer Virus Free
We have heard people stating Linux and Mac have less virus attacks compared to Windows machines. We can prevent Virus infection at great level in Windows machine by following some simple, easy to follow tips.

If anybody follow below mentioned tips then Virus will not be able to harm your computer.

1: Never Double Click: Never double click any folder, instead always right click , explore the folder or disk drive (C:, D: etc.) or be it removable hard disk / Pen drive.

2: No Unknown Download: Do not \ Never download any unknown utility software

3: Suspicious Attachment: Never open suspicious email attachment, if you are not expecting attachment from anybody then wait, don't open it.

4: Windows Update: Always keep your operating system, browser, office etc. updated with latest service packs, security updates from Microsoft update server.

5: Least Privilege: Maintain 2 user a/c, login with limited a/c permission and use administrator a/c only when you need to install / uninstall anything. You can use
'Run As' feature if you don't want to log off and login for system maintenance activity.

6: OS and Data: Keep Operating System and Program Files in C: drive and your data in D: or any other drive.

7: Avast Free Antivirus: Install free and best Antivirus Avast, Virus protection files are available regularly.

Author : Pankaj // 21:53

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