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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How to find my computer information without any software

How to find my computer information without any software
How to find my computer information without any softwareYou want to know detailed computer information about your machine without any information, you wont so much details but you will get required details from inbuilt windows tools.

Here the steps to find your system information.

Go to Start, Run

Type msinfo32 and hit enter key.

This will open a System Information pop-up windows as seen below in screenshot.

From System Information you will get answer of your following queries?

1: Which company motherboard is installed on my computer or laptop? Pegatron

2: What is total memory (RAM) installed on my computer or laptop? 2048 MB = 2GB if it is 4096 MB = 4GB, if 1024 = 1GB.

3: Is my machine 64 bit or 32bit? see System Type section, it is X86-Based PC then it is called as 32Bit pc.

4: What is the BIOS and last updated date? look at BIOS version/date section.

5: What is operating system name and version: See OS Name and Version information

6: How much free memory is available on my machine right now? See Available Physical Memory value.

System Information is free and very helpful tool provided by Microsoft.

You can search for something you cant find by type in Find What: and hit enter key.

Important Note:

- Please keep in mind that the answers will vary for your desktop\laptop computer.

Author : Pankaj // 22:42

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