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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Help me download Google Chrome Full Setup

Help me download Google Chrome Full Setup
Help me download Google Chrome Full Setup

You are finding it difficult to download Chrome full setup from Google Site. I have also faced this issue and found solution to it.

When I downloaded Google Chrome without any tweak I see ChromeSetup.exe size as 722KB, but after the tweak the size become 26.7 MB (The file size may vary if Google Releases updates or new version).

Here the download link to download Google Chrome free browser: Google Full Download Setup link, Google Installer Setup link.

Couple of things you must know about Chrome:

1: Its' Fast, Secure, and Open Source.

2: It has enabled Task Manager like Windows Operating System.

3: Synchronization of you search history, bookmarks, and setting on all of your computers. For this you will require to Sign-In.

4: Automatic blocking of Malware websites.

5: Stability: If anyone tab of the Chrome browser crashes remaining other tab won't be affected.

6: Incognito mode: Hide your browsing history, don't leave any trace of what sites you have accessed. Its good when you go cyber cafe as you will not require to delete browsing history manually.

7: Instant and fast page loading.

Thier two more BETA feature which you can start using:

- Voice Recognition System: Speak what you want to search and Chrome will search it for you, no need to type.

- Remote Control your machine: Install Google Remote Desktop to securely remote control your machine from anywhere with PIN.

If you have any question: please visit Chrome Frequently Asked Questions

Author : Pankaj // 20:28

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