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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Common Adsense Mistakes

Common Google Adsense Mistakes
Common Google Adsense Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes are never expected as Google does not give any warning. 

If Google Robot found anything suspicious on your blog site, they will disable your Adsense a/c.

Once the Adsense a/c is disabled you will not get previously earned money and your a/c will never get enabled again unless you can prove Google that it was not your fault.

Never try to be over smart or smart specially when dealing with big IT Industry giants like Google, Microsoft, this is my personal experience.

This is the best article \ post guide everyone (fresher\new) blogger should read before enabling Adsense a/c.

Common Google Adsense Mistakes you should avoid at any cost:

1: Self Ad Click: Click on own Blogs Ads or requesting your friends \ colleague to click on Ads.

2: Cyber Cafe: Do not go to cyber cafes to access your blog site and then click on Ads.

3: Search and Click: Do not click 2-3 Ads in by searching your article in Google search and then open blog site and click Ads.

4: Using Proxy: Do not use proxy server.

5: Different IP: Don't use different IP for click.

6: Different Servers\Computer: If you work in IT Industry and have access to various server across the globe than also don't dare to access your blog site and click Ads.

7: Click Through Ratio: Monitor your blog site regularly through Google Webmaster Tool, if you know sudden burst in site traffic or see high click through ratio then immediately inform Google Adsense team, also take some screenshots for reference from Google Webmaster tool.

8: Stolen Content: Do not write article by copying content from other blogs or website, Google monitor your website content as well. Never think of copying content (post/article) from popular websites or Blog. Google has deployed several software robots.

9: Too much Ads: Do not put so many Ads in Blog site, this may not disable your Adsense a/c but will not help you increase your Blog Ads revenue \ income.

10. Ad Clicking software: Do not deploy any script or Ad clicking software on your blog site, they are of no use.

11. SEO Consultation: Thier is no shortcut, Google do provide SEO Guideline.


I suggest every Blogger to follow these guidelines strictly as their is not shortcut to earn quick money. 

If you know any other adsense mistakes and want to add here please do comment.

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Author : Pankaj // 15:52

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