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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Best free Online guide to help you choose career

Best free Online guide to help you choose career
Best free Online guide to help you choose career

Through this career chart you and your friend will be able to decide what to do after 10th, 12th, College (B.A., B.COM, B.C.A, B.Sc. etc.).

This chart mentions various courses\degrees with timeline at different levels of education.

I would suggest everyone to take this career chart print and share it in school and college, you may also share this chart with teachers/professors as well.

This is best guide for people who are lost and need help choose career. 

Such students will have questions like.

What to do after college?
Which Subject Should I choose after 10th (H.S.C), 12th (S.S.C),Board Exams?
What is the best career choice for me?
I need someone who can help me with all career options available in various streams (Commerce, Science, Arts)?

If you are student or parent then take a big print of this career chart picture and put it in a frame in your children(s) bedroom or in a hall.


1: I have seen people doing 12th in Agriculture subject and then Graduation in Computer (B.C.A) and then M.B.A in Finance. What a crap? This student has no proper career guidance and choose anything without any plan.

2: Many students after S.S.C either they go for job in clothing market or in a diamond market and later repent saying I wish someone could have guided me.

Please share this and help yourself and others make better career choice.

We Thanks to M-Power's and Author / Editor - Prof. Vijay Navale / Mahesh Narke for Career Path Finder.

Author : Pankaj // 20:01

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