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Sunday, 17 June 2012

8 Tips to get traffic from Twitter to Website or Blog

8 Tips to get traffic from Twitter to Website or Blog

1: Twitter Page Design: The design should be catchy and attractive, have a look at hour Twitter page: https://twitter.com/jesoba

2: Twitter URL: The twitter url shouldn't be your name, it should be the site name, if it is not then please follow below steps to change it immediately.

- Login to your Twitter a/c.
- Open https://twitter.com/settings/account

 - Change username to your site or blog name, if the username is already in use you will get following message: Username has already been taken else you will get following message:
Available! Now click Save Changes button (blue color) at the bottom.

3: Tweeting Habit: Whenever you post a new article on your site or blog, twit it as well, with few line and post link, below is the example of the same.

8 Tips to get traffic from Twitter to Website or Blog

4: Keep Following: Start following famous and favorite people, group, company you would love to hear from and do comment on their update.

5: Website/Blog Profile: Mentioned your website or Blog URL with detailed description, please see below example for the same.

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6: Twitter Gadget: Add twitter gadget to website and blog.

7: Twitter logo button: Add it on top right hand corner of your site     
8: Reply/Comment: When somebody who you follow twits, reply/comment to their twit messages.

Author : Pankaj // 10:52

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