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Saturday, 16 June 2012

8 Things you must check before publishing any Blog post

8 Things you must check before publishing any Blog post

These are helpful Blogging tips for any kind of Blog Post be it WordPress, Blogger Blogpost, or anything else. 6G99CA6DQQ2D

1. Blog Post Title: The title should be descriptive and should attract readers to read the post.

2. Font and Font size: All your blog post should have common font and font size.

3. Paragraphs: Don't write long sentences, limit paragraphs by 2 to 3 lines only, if it lengthier than people wont take interest in reading your bog post although you are providing unique and valuable content.

4. Grammar and Spell Check: Re-review the post completely, make sure their is not typo, spell mistake, or grammar mistake.  

5. Highlight: It is important to highlight some important points, sentences.  

6. Add Internal links: Wherever applicable, create links like if in your post their is keyword 'laptop/desktop', and you have posts written for laptop/desktop, link it here, so that people might click this and view your laptop/desktop posts as well.

7. Post Lable: Do not over label the post, use only 2 to 3 labels per post.

8. Preview: Use preview button available in post it self, to get the idea how your post would look when end user see it.
Once everything is all OK, press the Publish button. Happy Blogging!!!

Author : Pankaj // 08:48

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