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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Learn Adobe Reader

Learn Adobe Reader Tips
Learn Adobe Reader

I am sharing 5 Best Adobe Reader Learning Tips which everyone should know and make us of it. Many of us have been using Adobe Reader for many years, but most of us aren't aware about these features. People who have been using Adobe reader for year also must learn adobe reader with these tips.

1: Start where you stopped: In your Adobe Reader in Edit Menu > Preference > Under Documents category check mark "Restore last view settings when reopening documents.".
This is good specially when you are reading a book, every time you re-open book you will be where last time you stopped reading or closed the PDF.

2: Rotate Pages: Sometime we go get scanned images which are not straight and we move are head left, right, up, down to read the file content. Instead this use Adobe Reader rotate pages feature. To do this go to View menu > Rotate View > Select Clockwise (Shift+Ctrl+Plus Sign) Or Counterclockwise (Shift+Ctrl+Minus Sign).

3: Instead Read, Listen: Well you may not know that Adobe Reader can read your PDF files a loud so you can relax your eyes while listening file content. You can do this either by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Y Keys together or go to View menu > Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud.

4: Auto Scroll: You can have quick glance to your PDF file with auto scroll feature. To auto scroll either press Shift+Ctrl+H Keys together or go to View menu > Automatically Scroll.
To stop auto scrolling press Escape key on keyboard.

5: Two page together: You can view two PDF pages together side by side. To do this go to View menu > Page Display > Two-Up.

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Author : Pankaj // 08:59

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