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Monday, 4 June 2012

4 Methods to access blocked websites without any proxy server

Methods to access blocked websites without any proxy server
4 Methods to access blocked websites without any proxy server

1: By IP Address: Ping the website from command prompt which is blocked, for example: ping www.Facebook.com and hit enter key, note the IP and type in browser address bar. 

Sometime this solution may not work if the firewall is very strong enough to block this activity.

2: Change Site URL: See below screenshot, the jam-software.com is blocked due to Freeware Downloads category, now to unblock it simply access the site with URL www.jam-software.com instead www.jam-software.com/freeware URL. 

This situation occurred as I had found this site while searching for TreeSize software through Google Search Engine.
4 Methods to access blocked websites without any proxy server
FortiGaurd Firewall Blocking Website

3: Google Cached Pages: Sometime Google Cached pages are helpful when website is blocked in your office, simply move the cursor to the area [>>] this arrows does not show up untill you move the cursor as mentioned in below screenshot. After that website cache page will appear in right hand corner, now click 'Cached' link. 

These feature is also helpful when website it self is down.

Acess Website offline Google Cache

4: So Proxy: For example add https://so-proxy.appspot.com/ before any website which are getting blocked by firewall. This is secure (HTTPS) way to access any blocked website instantly.



Make sure you do not put http:// or https:// add only www.xyz.com or abc.xyz.com as http:// is already added.

No third party tool or proxy IP is required, this is the best option to access any blocked website as if you use proxy then proxy IP does not work sometime and you need to keep changing proxy IP addresses.

You may also Ref. article: The URL you requested has been blocked

Author : Pankaj // 23:29

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