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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

3 Things you must check before using cyber cafe computer

3 Things you must check before using cyber cafe computer
1: Un-check password remember settings: Make sure remember password for site setting is unchecked. Also, do not click remember password when prompted in Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox: Go to Tools,  Options, Saved Passwords, 'Uncheck' Remember passwords for site.

2: Clearing internet history (cache): Before leaving the cyber cafe computer, make sure to delete all your browsing history.

Mozilla Firefox: Go to Tools, Clear Recent History (Ctrl+Shift+Del), Check mark everything and click 'Clear Now'.

3: Check for Key-logger: Check if any key-logger device is connected back side of your cyber cafe computer, this key logger capture your login credential and your password may get miss used.

Bonus Tips:

- Do not make bank transaction through cyber cafe computer.
- Do not make bank transaction through proxy servers as well. 

If you still need to make banking transaction than you can use virtual keyboard  for better safety and security.

Author : Pankaj // 00:06

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