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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

3 Steps to protect your computer data from others

Steps to protect your computer data from others
3 Steps to protect your computer data so that no one can access your computer data

Data security is very much important specially when it is your personal data, why should other read your files or copy it. You must take some action to stop data leakage.

Solution 1: Enable Windows Firewall and Disable File & Print Sharing.

1: Go to Start, Control Panel (Appwiz.cpl),
2: Double Click 'Windows Firewall'.
3: 'Tick mark' On (recommended)
4: Now go to Exceptions tab and uncheck File and Printer Sharing, also uncheck any unknown software which is allowed through firewall.

Click OK button.

If you have printer and it is shared with others than you cant uncheck file and printer settings, the next solution, solution 2 will help you.

Solution 2: Block Default $ Sharing of Disk Drives

1. Copy below mentioned text between lines and past it in notepad file



2. Save the text file as removeshare.bat and save it in C:\ drive.
3. Create a desktop shortcut of removeshar.bat file.
4. Cut the shortcut from desktop and past it at following location.

 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

5. Now restart your computer, now no one from network cant access your computer

Solution 3: Change Disk Permission to secure your machine

1. Choose the data folder (personal data?) which you want to secure
2. Right click it and choose property
3. Click Security Tab.
4. Make sure your a/c name is present and has Full control option ticked mark.
5. Now select group or user and click remove one by one, make sure you do not remove your a/c and SYSTEM a/c.

Once done, verify permissions twice and then hit Apply and OK button.

It is very much necessary to follow all the options mentioned above.


- The steps are recorded from Windows XP SP3 machine.
- Do not store personal data and office data in same folder, keep them separate.
- Be extra careful when performing solution 3, as incorrect steps would to loss access to your own data.

If you need any help performing above steps don't hesitate, please writeto us or update your query in comments, we are here to help you.

If you have some more suggestions on computer security, please share with us.

Author : Pankaj // 21:29

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