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Friday, 8 June 2012

2 Blogging Tips to reach global audience

2 Blogging Tips to reach global audience
2 Blogging Tips you never knew to reach global audience. Everybody want to reach people throughout the world to share their views /thoughts with the help of blogging and some wants to make money out of it. I am sharing some really useful best practices to make your website \ blog famous in the world. This will increase your websites \ blogs worldwide ranking. Google doing the same it has domain name country wise like .uk, .in, .jp etc.

1. Language translator Overlooked
We all know that their are free language translator tool \ widget available from Google, but many of us don't use them. To increase global traffic it is very much needed tool, as countries such as Japan, China, they use their native language and people out their prefer websites \ blog to read in their language. 

2. Country Specific Websites
You can create more website names to meet / target global audience like create website with name www.jesoba.jp for japan and www.jesoba.cc, doing this will help their local search engine like baidu.com in China help find you website / blog in their native language as language translator is not capable of doing this. Remember doing this will increase expenses and increase work load, but at the other end it will help you increase your site \ blog traffic and increase advertisement revenue.

These are best tips to genuinely increase global reach of your website or blog.

Author : Pankaj // 19:32

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