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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Top Websites for the year 2012

Top websites of the year 2012
Top Websites for the year 2012

Today we are sharing Top websites in the world by their traffic rank and percentage,  Any guess who is on top, yes you are correct Google.com is the top internet leader, it is serving around 49% web traffic. Facebook.com is on 2nd number, traffic on this social networking site is 41%.

Please see below detailed list of top 5 websites heavily used in the world.

1. Google.com: Initially started with Google Search and It was launched 14 years ago in the year 1998 publicly and has 33 thousands employees. Larry Page is the founder and CEO of Google. Companies mission statement is "To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful".   
2. Facebook.com: It is social networking site and was launched 8 years ago in the year 2004 and has 3 thousands+ employees.  Mark Zuckerberg is co-founder of Facebook. It has 900+ Million users in the world.
3. Yahoo.com: It was launched 17 years ago in the year 1995 and has 12 thousands employees. Jerry Yang is the founder and CEO at Yahoo. The word "yahoo" is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle." 
4. Baidu.com: It is Chinese search engine and It was launched 12 years ago in the year 2000 and has 16 thousands+ employees. Robin Li is founder of Baidu. This search engine is mainly popular in China. The name Baidu means "persistent search for the ideal".
5.Twitter.com: It is social networking site and was launched 6 years ago in the year 2006 and has 900+ employees. Jack Dorsey is the founder and CEO of Twitter. It has 140+ Millions users in the world. 

Bing.com is on number 9 and LinkedIn.com is on number 13.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Create sitemap for blogspot blogger in Google webmaster

Create sitemap in blogger
Create sitemap for Blogspot Blogger in Google webmaster

Before we proceed site map you should have created an RSS Feed for your site, below is the example for the same.

Once RSS Feed is created, follow below mentioned steps.

- Open Google Webmaster Tool
- You should have already added your site in webmaster tool, if not please add it.
- Now from the site list, access the site or blog for which you need to create site map.
- Now click Optimization section in left hand pane.
- Under Optimization, click Sitemaps.
- Enter only feeds/posts/default?alt=rss next to your site URL.
- Instead submit, click Test Sitemap.
- Once Test complete! Click View test result.
- In result you will see number of pages+ error details if any. If their is error please fix it first before proceeding further.
- Now close sitemap test.
- Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP again.
- Enter only feeds/posts/default?alt=rss next to your site URL again.
- This time, Click submit sitemap, after that refresh the page by clicking refresh.
- Now you will see following information.
  All Content Types = Submitted
  Web pages = # Submitted (Web page number will wary from site to site.)

If you find some difficulaty then please have a look at below screenshot, if you are still not moving ahead and need help leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to view any website in any language

Access any site in an language
How to view any website in any language or in English language

Although most of the websites over internet are in English language, but sometime we do come across website or blog which are in different language.

When website or blog website language is not known to us, it become frustrating reading website pages which are written in a language which we do not know.

I found two solutions for this issue, both solution are simple but first one is quick and easy.

1: Install Translate This!: This is Firefox Add-on, install this add-on if you frequently come across site which are neither in English language nor in your local language.

  - Open Firefox, now either type [about:Add-ons] without brackets in address bar or go to Tools > Add-ons.

  - Search for Translate This!, once it is found, click Install button next to it.

  - This will download and install it.   

  - Once this website or blog language translator tool is installed, restart your browser.
  - Now make sure, Add-on bar is enabled, by default it is not.
  - How to enable Add-on bar: In your Firefox, go to View menu > Toolbar > check mark Add-on bar.
  - Now access any website and click Translate This icon at the bottom of the page in left hand side, this will open up Google Translator, select the language into which you want to convert this page and click search icon (blue color), soon the page language will be converted.
2: Google Translate: This is manual way of converting any website's language for reading purpose.

  - Open http://translate.google.com website.
  - Type or paste website / blog address you want to convert in left hand side box.
  - Click search icon (blue color)

Important Note:

- This utility does not change any website or blogs language permanently, they just convert the page temporary so users across the world can read them in their native language.   

- This solution is very helpful when website does not language translator tool installed.

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Sometime copy paste not working in LogMeIn

LogMeIn clipboard copy paste issue not working
Sometime copy paste not working in LogMeIn

Many a times you might have observed that copy paste stopped working suddenly, I too have come across this situation several times and it is frustrating as I have to either manually type the event id details or take screenshot of it.

If you are also facing similar issue then here the solution for this, the solution is easy and quick. Based on my experience I have found two workarounds to this issue.


1: Re-Initialized Clipboard Method: In your LogMeIn Live session, click the clipboard icon twice (The one with check mark) next to 3 Box (Ctrl - Alt - Del). You need to click twice to disable and re-enable the clipboard, doing this will clear the clipboard cache.

2: Right Click Copy Method: Instead selecting the text and copying it with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Keyboard shortcuts, right click and select Copy and then right click and select paste on your local machine notepad, world doc etc.

Whenever I came across this issue, most of the time one thought came to my mind: What if copy/paste never existed?

I am sure these troubleshooting steps will help someone fix copy/paste issue.

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8 Tips to get traffic from Twitter to Website or Blog

8 Tips to get traffic from Twitter to Website or Blog

1: Twitter Page Design: The design should be catchy and attractive, have a look at hour Twitter page: https://twitter.com/jesoba

2: Twitter URL: The twitter url shouldn't be your name, it should be the site name, if it is not then please follow below steps to change it immediately.

- Login to your Twitter a/c.
- Open https://twitter.com/settings/account

 - Change username to your site or blog name, if the username is already in use you will get following message: Username has already been taken else you will get following message:
Available! Now click Save Changes button (blue color) at the bottom.

3: Tweeting Habit: Whenever you post a new article on your site or blog, twit it as well, with few line and post link, below is the example of the same.

8 Tips to get traffic from Twitter to Website or Blog

4: Keep Following: Start following famous and favorite people, group, company you would love to hear from and do comment on their update.

5: Website/Blog Profile: Mentioned your website or Blog URL with detailed description, please see below example for the same.

Jesoba.com helps you get latest News, Tips And Tricks, How to's, Troubleshooting, Best of everything and more.
Mumbai · http://www.jesoba.com
6: Twitter Gadget: Add twitter gadget to website and blog.

7: Twitter logo button: Add it on top right hand corner of your site     
8: Reply/Comment: When somebody who you follow twits, reply/comment to their twit messages.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Learn Adobe Reader

Learn Adobe Reader Tips
Learn Adobe Reader

I am sharing 5 Best Adobe Reader Learning Tips which everyone should know and make us of it. Many of us have been using Adobe Reader for many years, but most of us aren't aware about these features. People who have been using Adobe reader for year also must learn adobe reader with these tips.

1: Start where you stopped: In your Adobe Reader in Edit Menu > Preference > Under Documents category check mark "Restore last view settings when reopening documents.".
This is good specially when you are reading a book, every time you re-open book you will be where last time you stopped reading or closed the PDF.

2: Rotate Pages: Sometime we go get scanned images which are not straight and we move are head left, right, up, down to read the file content. Instead this use Adobe Reader rotate pages feature. To do this go to View menu > Rotate View > Select Clockwise (Shift+Ctrl+Plus Sign) Or Counterclockwise (Shift+Ctrl+Minus Sign).

3: Instead Read, Listen: Well you may not know that Adobe Reader can read your PDF files a loud so you can relax your eyes while listening file content. You can do this either by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Y Keys together or go to View menu > Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud.

4: Auto Scroll: You can have quick glance to your PDF file with auto scroll feature. To auto scroll either press Shift+Ctrl+H Keys together or go to View menu > Automatically Scroll.
To stop auto scrolling press Escape key on keyboard.

5: Two page together: You can view two PDF pages together side by side. To do this go to View menu > Page Display > Two-Up.

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8 Things you must check before publishing any Blog post

8 Things you must check before publishing any Blog post

These are helpful Blogging tips for any kind of Blog Post be it WordPress, Blogger Blogpost, or anything else. 6G99CA6DQQ2D

1. Blog Post Title: The title should be descriptive and should attract readers to read the post.

2. Font and Font size: All your blog post should have common font and font size.

3. Paragraphs: Don't write long sentences, limit paragraphs by 2 to 3 lines only, if it lengthier than people wont take interest in reading your bog post although you are providing unique and valuable content.

4. Grammar and Spell Check: Re-review the post completely, make sure their is not typo, spell mistake, or grammar mistake.  

5. Highlight: It is important to highlight some important points, sentences.  

6. Add Internal links: Wherever applicable, create links like if in your post their is keyword 'laptop/desktop', and you have posts written for laptop/desktop, link it here, so that people might click this and view your laptop/desktop posts as well.

7. Post Lable: Do not over label the post, use only 2 to 3 labels per post.

8. Preview: Use preview button available in post it self, to get the idea how your post would look when end user see it.
Once everything is all OK, press the Publish button. Happy Blogging!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Steps to install GreaseMonkey

Steps to install GreaseMonkey for Firefox

If you don't Firefox installed, install it from here 

In your Firefox > go to Tools menu >  Add-ons

Now search for Greasemonkey add-on, select this add-on and click install button, once installed restart Firefox.

That's it, now start using scripts provided for Greasemonkey.

You can view Scripts related to Greasemonkey under 'User Scripts' section at Tool menu >  Add-ons

Once you are done you can start reading following articles:

1. Use proxy automatically whenever office Internet blocks a site

2. How to remove Ads in Hotmail in 2 minutes  

3. Improve Google Search Experience: 25 Times faster page loading 

4. Display news ticker from Google News on the Google Home page 

5. Trick to find Facebook Unfriend friends list 

6. 20 Facebook Shortcuts everyone must use  

7. How to remove ads from Facebook in a minute 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Common Adsense Mistakes

Common Google Adsense Mistakes
Common Google Adsense Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes are never expected as Google does not give any warning. 

If Google Robot found anything suspicious on your blog site, they will disable your Adsense a/c.

Once the Adsense a/c is disabled you will not get previously earned money and your a/c will never get enabled again unless you can prove Google that it was not your fault.

Never try to be over smart or smart specially when dealing with big IT Industry giants like Google, Microsoft, this is my personal experience.

This is the best article \ post guide everyone (fresher\new) blogger should read before enabling Adsense a/c.

Common Google Adsense Mistakes you should avoid at any cost:

1: Self Ad Click: Click on own Blogs Ads or requesting your friends \ colleague to click on Ads.

2: Cyber Cafe: Do not go to cyber cafes to access your blog site and then click on Ads.

3: Search and Click: Do not click 2-3 Ads in by searching your article in Google search and then open blog site and click Ads.

4: Using Proxy: Do not use proxy server.

5: Different IP: Don't use different IP for click.

6: Different Servers\Computer: If you work in IT Industry and have access to various server across the globe than also don't dare to access your blog site and click Ads.

7: Click Through Ratio: Monitor your blog site regularly through Google Webmaster Tool, if you know sudden burst in site traffic or see high click through ratio then immediately inform Google Adsense team, also take some screenshots for reference from Google Webmaster tool.

8: Stolen Content: Do not write article by copying content from other blogs or website, Google monitor your website content as well. Never think of copying content (post/article) from popular websites or Blog. Google has deployed several software robots.

9: Too much Ads: Do not put so many Ads in Blog site, this may not disable your Adsense a/c but will not help you increase your Blog Ads revenue \ income.

10. Ad Clicking software: Do not deploy any script or Ad clicking software on your blog site, they are of no use.

11. SEO Consultation: Thier is no shortcut, Google do provide SEO Guideline.


I suggest every Blogger to follow these guidelines strictly as their is not shortcut to earn quick money. 

If you know any other adsense mistakes and want to add here please do comment.

Read more articles on Adsense here.

Free mobile application for Online shopping

Free mobile application for Online shopping and banking.

ngpay is best mobile software application, it is safe and secure.
More than 1.5 million people are using this application at the time of writing this post. This works on Nokia and other phones.

With ngpay you can find following stuff.

- Online Store
- Lounge
- Online ATM
- Online Booking

Official ngpay site: http://www.ngpay.com/site/

Download go to the official ngpay site, enter your mobile number and click send you will get a link to download ngpay software.

Free Mobile Utility to check Bus and Train Schedule

Free Mobile Utility to check Bus and Train Schedule
Free Mobile Utility to check Bus and Train Schedule for Mumbai location.

I have been using this utility for over a year now and thought this would be helpful for those who commute daily and of course it will help other people.

Download mIndicator for Blackberry.

Download mIndicator for Android

Download mIndicator for Nokia, Sony, Micromax and others.

Download mIndicator for LG, Samsung.

mIndicator official site: http://m-indicator.mobond.com/  This will be useful if the above mentioned link does not work, although this is rare.

Free Mobile Utility to check Bus and Train Schedule

Important Note:

- No GPRS \ Internet connection is required, only first time when downloading.
- The software is free and the file size is only 300 kb.

Download free chess buddy mobile game

Download free chess buddy mobile game
Download free chess buddy mobile game

Chess buddy is the best game ever I found for my Nokia 2690 phone, this software is free and works on most of the mobile phones.

Download Chess buddy free game, it is hardly 200 Kb file. Either directly download from your mobile internet or either download it on your laptop / desktop and then transfer through Bluetooth or SD Card through card reader.

How to Play Chess Buddy:

- First select the key you want to move and and select where you want to keep it.
- The other side will be played by mobile itself automatically.
Download free chess buddy mobile game

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20 Facebook Shortcuts everyone must use

20 Facebook Shortcuts everyone must use
20 Facebook Shortcuts everyone must use

Before we start using Facebook you will require to install GreaseMonkey Add-In for Firefox. If you do not have this add-in, click here to install it.

Once GreaseMonkey is installed, click here to Install Facebook FFixer script. This is tested verified scripts.

Using this Facebook trick, you will enhance your Facebook experience and save time finding right information.

Note: You do not require to restart browser (Firefox etc.), only refresh or log-out / log-in.

Please read below Facebook Shortcuts:

This shortcuts are case sensitives, all upper case.

A - Album\Photos
B - Online Friends
D - Birthdays
E - Events
F - Friends
H - Home Page
I - Inbox
N - Notifications
R - Requests
P - Profile (self)
L - Log-out (press L to select log-out and hit enter key)

See below image for complete Facebook Shortcut list.

If you want to see below page

Open Facebook site > Go to ToolsGreaseMonkey > User Script Commands.. > Configure FFixer.

20 Facebook Shortcuts everyone must use

If you need any help, don't hesitate to comment, we are here to help you enhance you social networking experience. Keep visiting.

My Google Adsense Experience

My Google Adsense Experience
My Google Adsense Real Experience

I am sharing my blogging experience so that those who are new will get a clear idea and big picture behind blogging.

Before Adsense, first I came to know about Blogging while working with Reliance group of company in India, their was a process expert who shared this idea about blogging and making money.

After a year (In 2009) I started Blogging, I had spent around 6 Hrs per day and built one beautiful blog, since this was the initial state I didn't new much about SEO, Blogging tips and tricks.

Also, I wasn't sure whether Bloggers really make money. I had worked very hard for 2 weeks that I went ill and had to go to home town to recover my health and in this I had lost 7 Days. I forgot that health comes first than wealth.

When I was back to work I stopped blogging completely because I had blogging fever.

Till 2011 from my first Blog had earned around 8$, this isn't enough money, but at least I earned something over internet.

Note: Avoid the mistake I had made, do not work so hard to make money quickly, it takes time, knowledge, and experience. 

After 2009, in 2012, after 3 years, one another process expert encouraged me for Blogging. 

This time I went through multiple blogs, websites to learn the Blogging game and I started blogging again, this time I had earned decent dollars in 2 months time, but soon my Adsense a/c was blocked. I had sent email to Google Adsense team, but no response.

After further research I got to know that this happens if someone knowingly tries to click on Ads published on your blog, to avoid this situation one must monitor the click through ratio with the help of Google webmaster tool. The click through ratio shouldn't be more than 20%-30%.

You must read Blogging Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

I have started blogging again with all the faith and confidence, let's see how it goes.

Best Free Blogging Templates for the year 2012

Best Free Blogging Templates for the year 2012
Best Free Blogging Templates for the year 2012

I had spent around 2-3 Days in finding the right blog template for my blog site, and after spending much time I came across Cool B Themes.com site.

This site has good quality blog and all almost all templates are available free for download, easy to configure and use.

I am sharing this so that you don't have to search for best blog template. These templates are website like templates and are SEO Friendly templates which helps Google or any other search engine find you blog site faster.

Below are the list of templates I liked very much.

1. Johny Simplemag:

This is a magazine style blog, this site is closely similar to both Yahoo.com website and MSN.com website, wow now I can make website like Yahoo and MSN.

Click to preview Johny SimpleMag Free Blog template.
Click to download Johny SimpleMag Free Blog template.

Please see below screenshot of Johny Simplemag blog template.

2. Johny Papers Magazine:

This is a magazine style blog, I like this template as it contain so many thing in one place with easy navigation, it has twitter feeds, featured articles, related post with next and previous button, and much more, have a look at it.

Click to preview Johny Papers Magazine Free Blog template.
Click to download Johny Papers Magazine Free Blog template.

Please see below screenshot of Johny Simplemag blog template.

Important Note:

- If you already have Blog or site don't forget to take complete blog template and Blog full backup, this will help you restore you previous setting and you will be back to life.

- The best way would be create a sample blog, apply template and test it out first and then apply it on your original blog.

Keep visiting, we will add few more free templates, if you want to share any template ref., please do contact us or either submit your post.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Google price comparison and Product reviews

Google price comparison and Product reviews, Google Shopping
Google Price Comparison and Product Reviews.

Before Google Shopping it was difficult and time taking to find best electronic gadgets or any other thing, but now with Google Shopping I found best of everything in just 5 minutes.

How to use Google Shopping

- Open Google Search Page.
- For example you need a color TV, type  LCD TV
- Now left hand side click Shopping below news.

The moment you click Shopping you will see lot's of TV with price and product description. Please see below screenshot for reference. 

The Google Shopping Result is far better and detailed for www.google.com compared to www.google.co.in

Google price comparison and Product reviews, Google Shopping

Google Shopping Benefits list

1. Instantly find required product with various filters like (price, model, make)
2. Product review
3. Cost and cost range.
4. Available features

Google Dictionary Benefits

Google Dictionary Benefits

Google Dictionary is best, free, large, online dictionary available over internet. I am very much pleased with this tool and have been using it regularly. You may want  to give it a try and may share with others.

How to use Google Dictionary:

- Open Google Search.
- Type dictionary word: example: Career, Computer etc. 
- Under 'All Results' select 'Dictionary
- When you want all result select 'All Results'.
Google Dictionary Benefits

Google Dictionary Benefits:

It provide following benefits instantly.

2. Noun
3. Plural
4. Verb
5. Translate
6. Synonyms 
7. Internet definitions
8. Pronunciation 

Trick to find Facebook Unfriend friends list

Trick to find Facebook Unfriend friends list
Trick to find Facebook Unfriend friends listIt is always good to know who removed you from their Facebook friend list, may be accidentally or knowingly.

Unfriend Finder is little script / utility which can do the trick for you. The installation is pretty straight forward, no browser restart is required.

If you use Firefox you will require to first install Grease Money add-in for Firefox, click here to install.

Then install UnFriend Finder

Once utility is installed refresh the Facebook site, or log out and login back, you will see Unfriends list at bottom of Events list.

The good thing is you will get a Facebook notification pop-up that one of your has unfriended you or removed you from their friend list.

Below see below screenshot for reference.
Trick to find Facebook Unfriend friends list

Blog Image Upload Error: Server returned invalid response

Blog Image Upload Error: Server returned invalid response
Blog Image Upload Error: Server returned invalid response

When we try to upload image(s) to Blog post in Blogspot Blogger we get following error message.

"Upload Failed:
Server returned invalid response

Please see below screenshot for reference.

Cause: This error occurs when your internet is disconnected.

Solution: Fix your internet issue, and try uploading images again the issue will get resolved.
Blog Image Upload Error: Server returned invalid response

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Friday, 8 June 2012

10 Best Computer Tips and Tricks

10 Worlds Best Computer Tips and Tricks you never knew

I am sharing worlds best computer tips and tricks which are new to you and you would love to use to them.

1: Minimize all opened windows application (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer etc.) and improve computer performance: Whenever you do not work on any application, minimize it to free up system resources.

2: If you use Firefox than I would recommend you to use Memory fox add-on, this tool will free-up memory automatically. click here to install memory fox.

3: Monitor CPU Usages: Create a shortcut of C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskmgr.exe and past it in start up folder for Windows XP (All Programs > Startup OR C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup). Now open Task Manager, Open Options menu and Click 'Hide When Minimized'.

Once you do this the next time you start your computer, the task manager will always be available and seen in task tray, this will help you know how much CPU you are utilizing and its spikes.

4: FF Preload websites regularly used: We will write in detail about it soon. Keep visiting.

5: Preload program which you commonly use like Outlook, Firefox, sticky note etc.

6: Shortcut to open websites: We will write in detail about it soon. Keep visiting.

7: Use Roboform to speed-up the work. Remember only master password and be worry free. Click here to know and download it.

9: So Proxy: For example add https://so-proxy.appspot.com/ before any website which are getting blocked by firewall.

Example: https://so-proxy.appspot.com/www.jam-software.com/

10: Hibernate: Hibernate your laptop or desktop machine to start it in a minute, this will save your time, but do shutdown the machine at least once in a month.

You Must Read: Basic Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Guide

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