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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Top 8 Tips to increase Laptop battery life

Top 8 Tips to increase Laptop battery life
If you want to increase your laptop battery life than we would recommended to read following tips.

Laptop battery life improvement Tips list

1. In a month at least once full recharge your battery and then use the iPad without using external power till the battery is completely discharged.

2. Remove software's running in computer background, please refer article: How to remove software running in the background\start up.

3. Do not let your laptop battery drain completely.

4. Defragment your laptop hard disk regularly.
5. Turn OFF Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth, Turn ON only when required

6. Connect only required USB devices, do not keep USB printer, phone etc. all the time.
7. Keep your laptop in sleep mode when you go for lunch/breakfast/meeting.
8. Use only plain theme, do not go for shining themes etc. as they consume more CPU's, means more power.

Author : Pankaj // 15:56

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