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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Top 5 most useful iPad Tips

Top 5 most useful iPad Tips
Here the 5 top most useful Tips for your iPad.

1. Increase your iPad security

Set the iPad to self-destruct (restore to default) after 10 incorrect password attempt. Set Erase Data option under Settings, General, Pass code Lock.

Note: Make sure you regularly sync your iPad with your computer so that you don't loose any data.

2. Restrict mature content

Everyone on of us would want our family member, kids to stop watching our secret videos, images etc.

Here are steps to achieve this, Go to Settings, General, Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions to selectively apply controls on your apps, content, Game Center, and more.
We can use this feature block explicit content.

3. Capture Screenshot

Take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen: Press the Home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously. The screenshot will automatically appear among your photos.

4. Restart iPad when it hangs

Have you come across a situation wherein your iPad hangs and you are not able to anything apart from hard reboot.

Instead hard reboot, perform soft reboot, this is extremely useful as compared to hard reboot option.

Now how do you soft reboot the iPad, Just hold the power button and home button for few seconds. The iPad will restart. To forcefully quit any application, just hold the home button.

5. Optimize Battery

The iPad batteries are made of lithium polymer (rechargeable) and eventually will wear out, there are some ways through which we can get longest battery life.
Uninstall unnecessary and unknown software which got installed on your iPad.
In a month at least once full recharge your battery and then use the iPad without using external power till the battery is completely discharged.
Also, always ensure that you have all your software updated periodically.
Make sure EQ is OFF and ON, as this also leads to drain  battery.

Note: Most of the tips for battery optimization will work your laptop battery as well.

Author : Pankaj // 15:59

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