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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Top 2 Search Engines as of April 2012

Top 2 Search Engines are: Google and Baidu.

Google: The global market share as of April 2012 is 80%. It is world wide famous search engine.

Baidu: The global market share as of April 2012 is 8%. It is famous Chinese Search Engine and not popular worldwide like Google. Baidu is pronounced as BY-doo in English. The Baidu name meaning is 'Persistent search for the ideal'. Baidu was released in the year 2000.

Bing: The Microsoft Bing Search Engine has only 5% global market share.
Bing replaces search engine images everyday, some people copies this images everyday and set them as their desktop wallpaper. Microsoft is coming out with a solution which would automatically set Bing image as desktop wallpaper everyday. Bing is released in the year 2009 just 2 years ago.

Please see below detailed market share of all search engines.

Search Engine Global Market Share

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