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Monday, 7 May 2012

Tell me about computer

Tell me about computer
In Today's time it is utmost important that one must know basic operation of Computer, basic components of Computer.

Computer definition: A Computer is electronic machine which help us do almost everything.

Computer consists of Input devices, output device, and processing devices.

Basic computer components are  CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.

Computer has changed the way we used to work, our day to day life has changed, things are getting done faster and quicker.

What is full form of Computer? Commonly Operated Machine Purposely Used for Technical, Education, and Research.

Computer is used almost for each and every work, be it hotel, school, petrol pump, railway, farm house and anything else.

Following things has become possible through computer.

- International Business has grown rapidly.
- Easy Audio and Video communication.

Will add up more things here, keep visiting.

Author : Pankaj // 13:47

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