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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Technical Support - Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Technical Support - Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Everybody faces technical issue, and everyone have some common questions on this subject and needs answers, I am posting some of most common technical support questions with answers at one place all together for various categories like setup, configuration, recommendation etc.

Q 1. Can I run my Laptop without Battery?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q 2. Do you need to buy memory of same brand to which my laptops belongs to?

Ans. No, it is not necessary. suppose you have HP laptop you can install memory mfg. companies like Transcend.

Q 3. Which computer is good to buy? Assembled or branded?

Ans. In this it depends on your budget, as the branded computer may cost you little more and in case of any failure or issues sometime you may not be able to take any technical support. If you buy a branded desktop machine and in case the support (1 year free) expires and you come across any issue, the standard fee charges by branded companies are higher than local computer technician. I hope this will help you take right decision.

Q 4. Which is best for me, laptop or a desktop computer?

Ans. If you travels a lot and have very less space in your home or staying with friends then you must buy laptop, otherwise you can go for desktop, the main benefit of having desktop is that the support charges will be less and troubleshooting is easier compared to laptop.

Q 5. Should I buy a license operating system or use pirated one? will their be any problem?

Ans. If we look at the operating system cost, it is around 110$ (6K/-) for Windows 7 OS. If you can't afford buying license than you might go pirated one. It is good to with licensed copy as you get regularly windows updates without any risk.

Q 6. What is the best online source to help me choose laptop suitable for me?

Ans. I would recommend you visiting Help me choose my laptop guide visit this site and answering some basic questions would return recommended laptops for you with laptop make, model. configuration, Weight etc.

Q. 7. Which is best company for computer LCD\LED?

Ans. If you ask me I would recommend buying Samsung brand as provide better technical support and is highly rated company for LCD\LED.

Q. 8. Which the best, free, and trusted antivirus I could use for my computer?

Ans. If you ask me I would recommend using Avast Antivirus it is completely free and is available free for educational institute. Avast provide regular updates and catches viruses, malware from files, websites etc. I have been using Avast since last 4+ years and haven't formatted laptop yet.

Q. 9. Which is the best printer available in the market?

Ans. I would recommend, prefer buying HP Laser jet printers, In my 8 experience I have using and recommending only HP Printers, as they are reliable, works well without issues, less maintenance. 
I had written an article on HP Printer and my article was selected and published in Laser Times column on first page. I had WON an digital diary for this.

Q. 10. Should I use Microsoft Office or free software's like Open Office?

Ans. I have used Open Office, in fact me and my boss had a fever to utilize free software's for company to save licensing cost, but as we know anything free always have some or other issue or limitation, the same happened with us, we have managed with Open Office for a month but later we had to buy MS Offices licenses.

Q 11. How do I report any technical issue to get faster resolution?

Ans. We have article on this, please read:

Author : Pankaj // 17:11

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