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Saturday, 12 May 2012

SIM Card registration failed what to do know

SIM Card registration failed what to do know
Out of thousands of people some faces issue like this, here are list of things you should do to make it working again.
Option1: Self Troubleshooting
Turn off the phone, remove the battery and SIM, clean the SIM, reinsert both, turn on the phone and see if the error is gone.
If the SIM card faulty, have scratches etc. and it may not work.
Try inserting the SIM on another working phone to check if its faulty SIM or your phone gone faulty.
Make a note of PUK number if PUK numbers on SIM card is readable.
Option2: Call Your Mobile Service Provider
Call your mobile service provider from other number which has same service provider as yours and inform them about this issue, they will ask you to provide PUK number written on your SIM phone which helps service provider identity the SIM and it's status. If the mobile service provider finds that the SIM is having issue then they will request you to submit some document to provide you a new SIM. Thier will be nominal charges (Around 1$ or may be less) for providing new SIM card.
Option3: If new SIM does not work
If the new SIM is not working on your phone then I would request you to check it once again on another phone, if it works than it is your phone which has problem, go to a mobile repairing shop and get it repaired.

My Personal Experience:
I had similar error on my Nokia phone, I went to Vodafone (My Mobile Service Provider) they checked the SIM card, checked their system and asked for the verification details which I provided and SIM PUK number, both does not belongs to same person.
Now I realized that I had gone to my home town and their my SIM card must have got exchanged with my brothers SIM.
I would appreciate your comments on solution\experience you had with this issue.

Author : Pankaj // 17:34

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