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Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Memory card is not working

My Memory card is not working
Memory Card Reader and Memory Card
When you open Memory card it ask for format and need help what to do next to fix this issue.
You would see this message mostly in following cases.
Case 1: This is a new memory card and it does not contain anything. Please go ahead and format the card as advised by your phone.

Note: Don't worry about anything, your card is safe and it just need to be formatted, any device (memory card, computer hard disk) first needs to be formatted before we can use them.

Case 2: If the memory card is not new and has been in use previously then it might be infected by a Virus or has some hardware issue. 
Please try to clean it up well and use it if this doesn't help follow next step.
Please connect it to your PC through some card reader and try to scan them, make sure you do not double click the memory card folder, only right click and select your Antivirus. 

Before starting scan make sure your PC antivirus has latest virus protection (In technical term we call it antivirus definition). 

If you cant scan it or your computer can't detect it, then probably you need to check with your memory card manufacture for help.

Please do share your experience with us.

Author : Pankaj // 18:15


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