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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mind Map: Improve your memory by 15%

Mind Map: Improve your memory by 15%
Mind Map: Improve your memory by 15%Mind map software can improve your memory, learning practice, study efficiency by 15%, I hope everybody would want to start using the product,

Is this free software? Yes, it's completely free open source software.

I would recommend everyone to use FreeMind software, With Mind map software we can prepare yourself to give any free speech, meaning somebody would give you any random topic and you would talk about that topic even you do not have much idea about the topic.

Mind Mapping help you link topic with it related content,

Let's understand this by an example:  Mind Map the topic Entertainment

The topic has following subtopics linked to it. Please image for more clarity.

Method - TV, Internet, Jokes, News, Sports, Puzzle, Porn,

TV - Reality Shows, News Channel, Comedy Shows,
Internet - Porn, Social Network Sites,

I have been using FreeMind since last 4 years and it has been amazing tool, this tool would add something beneficial to your life, it will help you grow personally as well professionally.

There are rule of thumb in Mind mapping:

1. Keep Topic in Central
2. Avoid Deviation
3. Control

Author : Pankaj // 15:34

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