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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lost my mobile phone how to get it back now

Lost my mobile phone how to get it back now
People losses mobile phones specially in crowded cities (link to top crowded city in the world). I am sharing the best ways you can get your phone back.
Step 1: Get your SIM card blocked
If you have lost your phone just now or recently, please call your mobile service provider as soon as possible from some other number and request them to block your SIM, as you have lost your phone. This will ensure that the thieve does not miss use your phone, like calling anyone and spreading rumor or increasing your mobile call bill.
Step 2: Find Mobile phone IMEI number
If you do not have it handy, check your phone purchase bill you will see an IMEInumber, it is a 15 digit number.
Step 3: Launch a Police complaint
Go to nearest Police station and launch an FIR (First Information Report), Police will ask for information such as, question you will be asked?
When the phone was lost?
What time you lost it?
Where it was lost?
Have you blocked your phone SIM?
What is your name, address etc?
Once you provide all these details, they will prepare a FIR report and will provide you one copy of it.
Step 4: Check the complaint status
Call the Police department after couple of hours and ask them about the status.
Step 5: If you don't get your phone after Police complaint
Call your mobile service provider and give them your mobile's IMEI number, if you don't know here is  article to find it out: How to find phone IMEI number

After providing the IMEI number tell your mobile service provider to block this IMEI number so that anyone who stolen your phone wouldn't be able to use it and may be the mobile service provider would be able to trace the mobile location with the help of IMEI number.

Author : Pankaj // 18:05

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