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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Laptop Peripherals and Accessories

Thier are various peripherals and accessories available for laptops, check it out and decide which one is needed and required for you.
Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
Laptop Screen Guard
Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
Laptop Carry Case
1: Laptop Docking Station: You should buy a docking station if you want to convert your laptop into desktop machine easily. Docking stations are designed through brand and make. We cant use any docking station for any laptop. Before you buy docking station, plan your requirement like what all devices you will connect, port number etc.
Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
Laptop Docking Station
Before you connect your laptop to the docking station, connect all your peripheral to the docking station first and then connect your laptop.
You have type of types of docking station to choose from, hot dock or undock, cool dock or undock. In hot dock or undock we can connect disconnect laptop without shutdown the laptop but in cool dock or undock you would need to shutdown the laptop first. The last time I had seen docking station was in my first company used by directors, CEO's. Docking station price ranges between 100$-200$.
Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
Laptop Cooling Device

Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
Laptop Cordless Mouse
2: Laptop Cable Locker: I would recommend people who travels a lot to buy laptop locker to increase laptop security, once your laptop is locked with a locker to any table, cup board hence no one can disconnect it and take it away, only you can unlock as you the locker key.

Laptop cable lockers are available in between 30$ to 50$. 

Laptop Peripherals and Accessories
USB Cup Warmer
3: Laptop Screen Guard: Screen guard is good to have as it protect your laptop screen from getting scratch and it is easier to clean laptop screen when you have a screen guard.

4: Laptop Cooling Device: With the help of cooling devices we can keep our laptop cool all the time. Cooling device is available in range of 15$ - 20$.

5: Laptop Bags: I would prefer/recommend people not to buy carry case which is provided the laptop manufacturing company instead buy a new laptop carry case which is little big and you can put some other stuff like books, clothes etc, so anytime you go out you have everything in one place. Nowadays you can buy checkpoint friendly bags, this would you scan your laptop at security check like Airports, Malls etc. If the area where you live in has a higher risk of flood than prefer buying water proof laptop bag.
Check the bag size and the overall quality of the bag. Checkpoint Friendly laptop carry case shouldn't cost you more than 50$

6: Cordless Mouse: If you are new and not very comfortable than you should think of buying one cordless mouse or a USB mouse with a mouse pad. Buying cordless mouse will have re-occurring expenses as you need to replace mouse batteries when get discharged or may buy a battery charger.

7: USB Cup Warmer: If you are tea, coffee lover than this is the best thing you can buy for your laptop.  This cup is available in around 10$.

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