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Saturday, 26 May 2012

iPad not turning ON and no display

iPad not turning ON and no display
Some Apple iPad users might come across issues like this, I would suggest them to follow below mentioned troubleshooting steps to find out what is going wrong and what can be done to fix it. Happy Troubleshooting.

Cause 1. Sleep mode

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, if the iPhone is really in Sleep mode, it will wake up and you will the display on screen.

Cause 2. Battery is drained

Your iPhone might not turn ON if its battery is drained, this would specially if you haven't use it for a long time. Connect your iPhone to your computer or electricity point and let the battery get charged. If recharging also doesn't solve the problem read Cause no. 3

Cause 3. Replace the battery

Replace the battery with some of your friend and see if you can see the display now. If you still can't see the display then read Cause no. 4.

Cause 4. Faulty Display

May be display has gone bad, to make sure it is display issue connect your iPad battery with yours friend iPad, if his iPad comes up shows display then that means you phone has a display problem, you must contact your Apple store to get further help. See cause no. 5 as well.

Cause 5. Faulty circuit board

May be circuit board is faulty instead Faulty display or may be both are bad, Apple support should be able to assist you further.

Author : Pankaj // 15:57

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