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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Improve Google Search Experience: 25 Times faster page loading

Improve Google Search Experience: 

25 Times faster page loading

90% people in the world usages Google search as of April, 2012 for all their search queries. Google Is Good but it can be lot more better\enhanced.

People do not visit template but they do visit Google, Facebook daily. Has anyone had similar thought?
In general people type their query in Google and click the results pages, some of us opens the results page in new tab/new page. If we have a option to view all search result pages from Google.com single tab, isn't this would be interesting\helpful for everybody. Well this is what we are going to do.

All you need to do is simply follow article: Steps to install GreaseMonkey

If you have already GreaseMonkey installed then proceed ahead, else complete above steps first and then click 'Google Search Improver' link.

This link will take you to install 'Google Search Improver' utility, hit the install button on the top right hand corner, 

Here is the trick
Click Show Script Source instead clicking install button.

Now copy the URL in address bar till 'gm-temp' folder, for example


Now open the ....user.js file which is in
file:///C:/DOCUME~1/trimeria/LOCALS~1/Temp/gm-temp in notepad or notepad++.

Now add following entried below line // @include     http://www.google.com*

// @include     http://www.google.co.in*
// @include     https://www.google.co.in*

Once added save the user.js file and close it.

Now in your browser, click install button in top right hand side (Kind of notification prompt in yellow color). You would still won't see newly added lines, it's okay as the browser window is not refreshed. 
Please do not refresh the URL else you may not be able to install the this utility.

Click install when a pop-up window appears.
click install button in pop-up window.

Once the utility is installed you will see a message similar to following screenshot which confirms that the utility has been installed.

Now refresh your Google Search Homepage now you will see blue icon next to each search page, click this icon and voila the page would in Google page itself.

You have various other options as well, please below detailed explanation

Top 5 Open/Close - Click this to close already opened top 5 pages.
Top 5 Tab        - Click this to open top 5 search result URLs in Google page itself.
All Open/Close   - Click this to open all search results URLs in Google page itself.
All Tab          - Click this to open open search results URLs in new Tabs.

If you want to temporarily disable this feature then, Tools - GreaseMonkey - Untick : Google Search Improver.

Note: Make sure you are on Google page else you won't see 'Google Search Improver' utility.

Happy Googling.

Please do your share your experience with us.

Author : Pankaj // 15:39

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