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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How to view open my Mobile MMS

How to view open my Mobile MMS
How to view MMS on computer:  One fine day you receive following MMS on your phone, and this message contain following texts.

You have a new MMS from +91.......... Please visit http://mms.live.vodafone.in within 24 hours to retrieve this MMS. Your message key is MSG.74.8526

Visit the site name mentioned in MMS, so for this MMS's the site URL is http://mms.live.vodafone.in

Enter mobile number  : Put your number without country code
Enter message key     : MSG.74.8526

You may want to readHow to recharge mobile phone by sending an SMS within seconds.

Make sure you do not MISS to enter "MSG." while entering message key, this is very commons mistake everyone makes.

How to view open my Mobile MMSThe URL in SMS will get changed based on your mobile service provider.

Note: I am sure these steps will work for other mobile service providers in India like Reliance, Airtel, Aircel, TATA, Docomo (CDMA, GSM), MTS etc. as well.

Here is how the above URL looks like, see screenshot.

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  1. Can i retrieve the MMS i have not within 24 hrs,but after 24 hrs?if not,why ?

  2. Sorry But U need country code at-least if u r overseas

    1. U ppls r real crazy........u cant talk clearly about actual system..............where as i can not open MMS from Bangladesh from yesterday..............YOU should mention which number should entire ...................plssssssssssssssssssssss be mature 1st (Nothing personal) .............

    2. STILL i cant open the said MMS .............

  3. I have received a MMS before some days, but i never open it, so please let me know that how to open it.

  4. Can i retrieve the MMS which received me before some days but i didn't open it within 24 Hours, Please let me know it as soon as possible.

  5. how can i open my mms in pc by connect with net.

  6. i want to open my mms in my pc. i have passed my 24 hours. how can i open please give me fast instruction.

  7. how can i open my mms in pc by connect with net.


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