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Monday, 28 May 2012

How to remove Ads in Hotmail in 2 minutes

How to remove Ads in Hotmail in 2 minutes
Are you annoyed by Hotmail Ads displayed in left navigation when you read emails.

Many a time I experienced that when I scroll down to view older emails the Ad displayed in left navigation becomes larger.
We have a solution for this to remove those annoying ads.

All you need to do is simply follow article:Steps to install GreaseMonkey

If you have already GreaseMonkey installed then proceed ahead, else complete above steps first and then click 'Windows Live Ad remover' link.

This link will take you to install 'Windows Live Ad remover' utility, hit the install button on the top right hand corner, click install button in pop-up window.

Once the utility is installed you will see a message similar to following screenshot which confirms that the utility has been installed.

Now click Hotmail, this will refresh the page and see Ad is not more displayed.

How to remove Ads in Hotmail in 2 minutes
Hotmail With Ads
How to remove Ads in Hotmail in 2 minutes
Hotmail Without Ads

Author : Pankaj // 12:08

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