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Saturday, 12 May 2012

False Mobile code tricks conclusion

False Mobile code tricks conclusion
Many of us receives various chain email letter which provides some very useful Mobile phone code tricks. Many of these tricks really doesn't work at all.

We don't even try this tricks and passes a message to everyone that you know what we can do this, that....

  Trick 1: Worldwide Emergency Number 112

We have been informed about emergency number 112, it is said that we can call on this number even when we are out of network coverage area and we can call the number even when the phone keypad is locked, how is that possible? I tried the first thing typing 112 without unlocking keypad it does not work. Now the second thing dialing emergency number 112 when we are outage of coverage area. One day I went to a template which is in a mountain, no network signal at all and tried dialing 112, it didn't work. 

Conclusion: The emergency number trick doesn't work, but after some more analysis I came to know that this works only in European country only and doesn't work in America, Africa, and Asia.

Trick 2: Unlock your car door with cell phone and a spare remote key which you forgot at your home

This again not true mobile phones and remote keyless entry systems work on entirely different radio frequencies and therefore mobile phones are incapable of re-transmitting the signal from a remote  key to unlock a car door.

Conclusion: False, this trick does not work

Trick 3: Press *3370# to use 'reserve battery power

I have tried and tested this, this is completely false. Thier is no reserve battery power concept what all we can do is follow some best practices so that your phone battery power last little longer, here is an article you can read to increase your battery backup time. 

Conclusion: False, this trick does not work

Author : Pankaj // 19:16

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