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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Blogging - Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Blogging - Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
Blogging Frequently Asked Questions with Answers.

Blogging is a hobby for some people, now-days more people are turning as blogger everyday, but everyone new blogger has some query like I had when I started in the year 2008.

I am posting some of the most common question Blogger has and needs answer at place.

Q 1. Is blogging for individual or only for companies?

Ans. Blogging is for everybody, their is no restriction, anyone can create blog and share their thoughts.

Q 2. Is blogging free, do you need to pay for it?

Ans. No, it is completely free, you start blogging away free through Google Blogging, click Start Blogging to start blogging Today. Thier is WordPress free service as well for this.

Q 3. Does people really earn money through blogging?

Ans. Yes, they do and in fact some people making living earning through blogging, please read article to know how much one can earn through blogging?

Q 4. How soon I can start making money with Blogging?

Ans. This requires patience and time, if you are ready give time and have patience than you can start making money in around 3 to 6 months money, not equal to your salary but at least some $$ dollars, but once you start making money it will get keep increasing, if you keep up the good work of posting unique and quality content.

Q 5. Do I need to register a domain name for Blogging?

Ans. NO, you do not but if you are Blogging for making money than yes, you should register domain so that people can remember you site name easily, if you don't register site name then your Blog name would be like abc1234.blogspot.com

Q 6. Can I use www.com domain name for Blogspot Blogger service?

Ans. Yes, you can either you can buy domain name from Google itself as they have tie up with some company or if you already have a domain name then that also can be used. I you need further help on this please refer. How to change Blogspot Blogger site URL.(Provide URL Ref.)

Q 7. How much does it cost buy to a domain name?

Ans. If you buy .IN domain name than it would cost you around 2$ and if it is .COM domain then nearly 10$. If you need discount then I would tell you a tip to get 10-20% discount.

Q 8. Do I need credit card or will debit card do?

Ans. You can buy domain name with debit hence card hence no credit card is required.

Q 9. Is domain name fee is reoccurring or only one time?

Ans. Yes, it is reoccurring, every year your a/c get debited automatically unless you disable auto payment. It is recommended not to disable auto payment setting.

Q 10. Should I buy SEO services to increase my blog or website traffic to gain business?

Ans. This depends on you, if you have time to promote your site then you do not need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, as it takes times to get increase traffic their is not short cut, if you follow short cuts then in short time you might earn good money but that trend won't stay longer and your adsense a/c will get suspended.

Q 11. Can I create my business website through Blogging?

Ans. Yes, of course you can, a website looking like professional business website. If you need help creating business like website from blogging, please have a look at two sample websites we have created from Blogging: Sample Site 1 and Sample Site 2. Please contact us  to get your business site online.

Author : Pankaj // 17:35

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