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Friday, 11 May 2012

How do you block a call

How do you block a call
How do you block a call

Specially girls mobile get lot of unwanted calls\messages and it is very troubling.Even I faced such problems many a times.

You get such calls even though you have DND (Do not disturb) active.
Here are list of things we can do to stop unwanted mobile calls.

1. Blacklist unwanted caller mobile number on your phone.
2. If your phone does not have this option then you will need to buy black listing service from your mobile service provider. The charges will be in range of 1$-2$ monthly.
3. We can white list numbers from whom you want to receive call and block rest of the number.
4. Send a POLICE Complaint message immediately, this will stop such people from calling again.
5. The last option is to change the SIM and get a new number.


1. After blocking unknown caller number, you will not receive any call from the unknown caller, but you will receive messages (sms) from that number, delete messages (sms) without reading them.  

2. If you ask mobile service provider to share unknown callers detail they won't and would request you to file a Police complaint.

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